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Poems About: WAR

In this page, poems on / about “war” are listed.

  • 145.
    Just False Patriotism

    'Tis true to the dead that respect we should show
    But they still honour men who died ninety years ago
    For a dubious cause in Lands far away
    But the war that was supposed to end all wars is re-lived today. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 146.
    Chronicle of Wars

    There is a war everywhere
    There is a war every single corner
    There is a war in the back of every door
    Sometimes it only leaves scratch read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 147.
    I Do Not Wish To Hear Your War Stories

    Do not wish to hear your war stories of battles fought and won
    Since I saw on t v this evening a mother grieve for her dead son
    Her son murdered by a sniper with a bullet in his back
    And I could only feel pity for this poor mother in Iraq read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 148.
    For Oil Not For Freedom

    My heart goes to those who grieve for their war dead in war torn Iraq
    Life when it is taken cannot be given back
    Those who started this war from Iraq may live far away
    But to Karma they do have a huge price to pay read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 149.
    the war

    How much we the people
    Pay for our all wars?
    What is with we pay for wars? read more »

    Darryl K. Porter
  • 150.

    Iraq war, any old war
    all built on false pretense,
    Iraq war, any old war
    doesn't make any sense. read more »

    Edwina Reizer
  • 151.
    A War Zone!

    Here and there world has become a war zone forever!
    Countries full of terrorism and rebels are the war zone
    And Asia and Africa are where wars thrive forever.....! read more »

    Ramesh T A
  • 152.
    Atomic War

    The final ending to fights and control of others,
    Is war, read more »

    Ellen Ni Bheachain
  • 153.
    World Peace

    When I cast a look around the world,
    I marvel at what I see and hear.
    Why, I ponder , is the world at war?
    Why, I lament, should the world know no peace? read more »

    Mac Araromi
  • 154.
    Along The War Avenue Of honour

    Along the war Avenue of Honour a plaque to a dead soldier nailed to every tree
    Brave young men who died in battle their reward for their bravery
    They died in the war said to end all wars in the killing fields of World war one
    But many wars since and far too many bloody battles and peace in the World not yet won. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 155.
    Photos of War

    Photo of War - 1

    no milk for her
    child the nipple read more »

    Warren Falcon
  • 156.
    The Soldier (memorial day memorial day memorial day)

    Fighting for freedom,
    Fall of a valiant soldier
    Resting in the Lord read more »

    Udiah (witness to Yah)
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