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Poems About: WAR

In this page, poems on / about “war” are listed.

  • 241.
    Love n War!

    Love n War
    Peace n shine trembling my joy
    Love shines when it comes to u
    It trembles when it comes to me read more »

    Somia Race
  • 242.
    Question The General

    Yes it’s true, at this time
    I am a young man but only my body
    For I am much older in the mind
    And too my body I can say good bye read more »

    Daniel Richards
  • 243.

    Why does all this hate happen in the world?
    Hate between people and hate between countries.
    This hate creates war, wars that drag on for years.
    And when there is no point for war we still create it. read more »

    Cassidy Montgomery
  • 244.
    A Brief History Of Modern Warfare Vis-a-Vis Men And Woman

    The Evolutionary War Wife: Wife created in likeness of diety, concludes husband descended from ape.
    The Uncivil Wife War: Slave man uprises against cruel evil owner.
    The First World War Wife: The wife to end all wives. War declared. It ended.
    Wife World War Two: No peace in our time. After years of conflict, loser Wife passes Marital Martial Plan. Husband gives all money to rebuild loser. read more »

    bob eichen
  • 245.
    A Mother Does Not

    A mother does not raise her child for to fight and die in war
    Or to kill another Human Being in a Country from home far
    That her son or her daughter should at someone else shoot to kill
    A person they have never known or who have never bore them ill. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 246.

    Ages and ages have seen
    War and peace in turn
    In times of war we think of peace
    In times of peace we plan for war! read more »

    Subbaraman N V
  • 247.
    - Love Is War!

    Love is war!
    You’re drafted at birth.
    Already old enough to walk
    you are pointed to your enemy read more »

    Ronberge (anno primo)
  • 248.
    For War The Cost Is Great

    As well as for World harmony another huge setback
    There is one big lesson to be learned from Iraq
    Those who invade other Countries a huge price must pay
    For war the cost is great tis always been this way. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 249.
    A TIME

    A TIME

    A time of tribulation great,
    Is coming to this world; read more »

    Alf Hutchison
  • 250.
    The unfinished battle

    `1The unfinished battle

    The strive is not over, if it is not over read more »

    ipaye olawole peter
  • 251.

    There's always been the theory that
    The U.S. powers that then were
    Knew Pearl Harbor would be struck at,
    Assuring that war would occur. read more »

    Ima Ryma
  • 252.

    Always wars bring chaos and destruction Because they are blind, dumb, and deaf, Almost everyone does not like wars because These ugly wars bring all that is not good, Wars are ugly images of killing and revenge In the battlefield that witnesses everything, read more »

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