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21st Century War - Poem by Tim Casswell

another little lethal step
another little blatant threat
another political point to score
it’s a 21st century war

Standing here right on the brink
ain't gonna be the first to blink
so absolutely deadly sure
in a 21st century war

no one is innocent don’t pass the blame
don’t dare to shout “not in my name”
wherever you’re going from wherever you came
we’re all players in this deadly game

you can close your eyes but you cannot sleep
got a whirlwind storm to reap
now it’s right at your front door
it’s 21st century war

don’t hope for peace too late for that
come dance the two step tit for tat
now everybody takes the floor
it’s a 21st century war

don’t come crying don’t look sad
you can wish it ain’t so till it drives you mad
it ain’t too good but it ain’t all bad
just count the blessings that you’ve had

one step up two steps back
defend your right to massive attack
might is right in international law
it’s a 21st century war

how hard is it? what’s to learn
people we kill will kill in return
no one is safe anywhere anymore
it’s a 21st century war

get the gear and display the brand
get your head deep in the shifting sand
no need to listen with a gun in your hand
it’s the only language that they understand

no room for doubt no margin of error
who can you trust in the war on terror
say goodbye to the freedoms you’re fighting for
it’s a 21st century war

is it stupidity? is it a joke?
The more it’s fixed the more it’s broke
Is this the way to make the world secure?
it’s just a 21st century war

no one is innocent don’t pass the blame
you can shout all you like that it’s “not in your name”
you keep the winnings all the same
we’re all players in this deadly game

today four hundred children died
you don’t need bombs for infanticide
keep em scared and keep em poor
it’s a 21st century war

peace freaks march and the politico’s talk
and whistleblowers take a final walk
singers write songs cartoonists draw
it’s a 21st century war

and nobody knows what the truth is now
what happened when and why or how
and what is anyone fighting for
it’s a 21st century war

it’s a programme repeat it’s an old old story
good against evil the power and the glory
it’s all just recycled we’ve been here before
it’s an eco-logical 21st century war

Comments about 21st Century War by Tim Casswell

  • Rookie Lorraine Licona (9/16/2007 12:47:00 AM)

    Awesome....and certainly very true! (Report) Reply

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  • Rookie - 0 Points Sid John Gardner. (7/1/2006 11:58:00 PM)

    Nice write Tim.
    Sid John. (Report) Reply

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