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Zz Black Ops Designed To Initiate Wars - Poem by Saiom Shriver


1. World War 2
The vast majority in the US did not want to enter the war.... Many including Gore Vidal have written that
the US government had broken the Japanese code, knew the Pearl Harbor attack
was coming, could have prevented it, . but needed an attack by Japan to mobilize the populace

2. Vietnam
the Tonkin Gulf was a black op by LBJ and others to justify their enlarging of the war

3. World War 1
As in World War 2, the US population did not want to enter the slaughterhouse of the war,
a war of capital conflicts between German and British markets. The Zimmerman telegram
to Mexico was a forgery. In it the German government is alleged to have asked Mexico to
invade the US. Because of the Zimmerman telegram, peace loving people were roused
by the media to enter the war.

4. Afghanistan
There are millions of sites about Sept 11,2001 as a black op by the Mossad and certain cells
within the CIA. Cui bono? The US government invaded Afghanistan shortly thereafter.

5. The Spanish American War
'Remember the Maine' was the war cry of the Hearst media machine.
The sinking of the USS Maine in Havana harbor was blamed unjustly on Spain as the US government sought to dismantle the Spanish control of Cuba.

6. Iraq
G H W Bush oversaw the slant drilling of oil... the theft of Iraqi oil through pipes in Kuwait. This was an act of provocation. He then sent April Glaspie of the State Dept. to Saddam Hussein to say that the US would not become involved should Iraq invade Kuwait, historically a part of Iraq. It was an Anglo Iranian oil engineer (the company is now BP) who drew lines around the richest oil deposits of Iraq at the end of the Ottoman Empire... and termed the land Kuwait as the UK government installed a puppet on a manufactured throne.

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