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Viet Iraq And War Is Hell - Poem by Michael Gale

War is hell...
So is death.

The war of Iraq...
Causes deathly spread to our troops
own wide spread ever reaching lifely attack.

War is hell...
This of you i do Godly swear and tell.

War smells a hellish death instilled smell...
This i unproudly do to you tell.

Busted heads and amputations are
results of a Hellish war by a death possessed President
hungering for way too much stench of the unwarranted dead...
It's way up on top of his empty wasted head.

Is he a war mongering war raging hound from hell? ...
Our favorite prez should swell as smell.

Yes he stinks...
He really, really reeks.

The stench of Viet Iraq...
Takes it's tolls as worst on track.

They are eighteen and can die for their country...
But can they legally drink?
Hell no they cannot.

Do they rate our brave men in uniform? ...
That fact should change and stray from the now legal norm.

I'll gladly wave that flag just as soon that lying president
of ours lets our young eighteen year olds legally drink it all in...
In more ways than one.

Lets write our congressmen and get the legal drinking age
lowered to eighteen or at least make it legal for them with a military i.d. card...
Surely it can't be that damned hard?

I still wanna see them mass weapons of destruction....
That would have been a much better introduction, to that pesky
Iraqy war.

For that would have been nice start of the war...
That makes us all so entirely angry as sore.

In 2008 we'll be rid of him, and that will be the end of the war...
No more war mongering whore, that uncaring presidential bore.

Sorry but i find it hard to respect someone self centered in their ways...
At least there will be next year not too many left of his days.

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