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The Art Of War - Poem by anthony, tony chabaputa

When troops are allotted to get moving and enter the battle zone,
Generals assemble, in their tounsands, worshiping the god of war and awaiting the battle call.
At black carries on, like clones under the sick lord's All-Seeing-Eye control.
And each nation is to take the avowal that for a prince, the only area of study there is is war,
This mortuary get-up-and-go science in which soldiers come and soldiers go,
And through which it is made crystal clearly known,
To the timid humans that one of mankind's two ethical codes is war.
Whenever a war is fought and is stopped,
Most rulers are immortalized and are crowned immortal contravention-lords,
And soldiers are seen to dismiss from the mind of the very humans they tend to make peace for.
And all there is left now is blood to be cleaned from the floor and from the walls.
Peace is but a fruit of a combat- cut-and-thrust art of war.
In such negotiation between nations, it always has been so.
Knowing when to start a war, and when to stop a war,
Can be called an anthropocentric complexity reckoning of it all,
And can lead next to the degree of understanding why most lions are in control.
Shaka Zulu, this ancient African god of war, is one of the armed force immortals.
Kenneth Kaunda, this Zambian historical overlord,
Invariably was he able to vanquish and clobber without showing dread before the blades of his rivals.
In this portion of diplomacy, there never has been anything more political.
In the eyes of the world supreme military leaders, all this glob is simply a plantation of bombs.
I'd say most rulers are but fans of the arc-arc and pom-pom and machine gun song.
And the dissonant compendium of dissimilar songs of a land-mine and a bio-blasting bomb.
And this is the very sacrifice operation Uriah the soldier was born and lost his wife and died for.
Here in the world of classes between the superiors and the inferiors.
The very authoritative and super-powerful nations of the highest sort,
Coming into conflict with nations that most pathetically are lacking in force,

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