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Poems About: WARNING

In this page, poems on / about “warning” are listed.

  • 73.
    I Warned You for A Reason

    A fair warning is what I gave
    And now you get what you paid
    You became fate's puppet
    Believing all of her dumb shit read more »

    Abby Belmont
  • 74.
    Waiting On The Right Flame

    A new page for this new age
    Letting lose all the sorrow and rage
    One look turns a heart to stone
    Come close and I'll break a bone read more »

    Rebecca Pepper
  • 75.
    A Small Story About Heart and Mind

    Heart is innocent, Mind is sharp but egoistic
    Heart falls in love with out thinking of the other
    it gets hurt when there is no response from the opposite
    Mind warns heart but heart doesn't trust him read more »

    Naga Bhanu Vemuri
  • 76.
    Spring Time Rains

    Spring time rains come hard this season
    Fell out of love don’t pity me
    So I was sold, the woman’s treason
    Her vengeful scorn she’ll never let me be read more »

    Tommy Johnson
  • 77.
    Warning Cactus

    The flowers were cascading
    Down the rolling hillside
    Unaware of the dry desert air read more »

    Lento Maez
  • 78.
    The Time Of Warnings

    At precisely the time we marry our senses,
    My baths are taken with seals and symbols,
    Water has mattered to the beds of solemn deeds,
    A water collapses, and an air is a gas of greatness. read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 79.

    We are expecting strange things
    when the world will change in catacombs
    and, we perish to take this serious matter lightely
    we were warned by our ancestors read more »

    Vishal Sharma
  • 80.
    Haiku Amber Butterfly

    Amber butterfly:
    what may multi mottled marks
    sing, sign, signify? read more »

    Jonathan ROBIN
  • 81.
    They came from another world

    They came from another planet
    Somewhere deep in space,
    To visit this place called planet earth
    With a message to the human race. read more »

  • 82.
    Inner Monologues

    anima blanca
    unwritten dust
    who is trying to run away from you
    drawning you deep within a lake read more »

    Miroslava Odalovic
  • 83.

    I fear the closeness of theiy heart,
    Come to close to the heaven’s hark,
    To beautiful is this lonely lark,
    For one that brings a bloody mark, read more »

    Ashley Fortin
  • 84.

    From dawn this misty
    morning we have heard
    the doleful calling of the distant
    foghorn warning all the sailors read more »

    Pete Crowther
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