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Poems About: WATER

In this page, poems on / about “water” are listed.

  • 349.
    The Apocrypha Of William O'Shaunessy: Book III, XVI

    In Kitezh and the kingdoms nearby, though they know of stone and timber and partly use them as conditions require, they prefer to build with water. The most prized houses employ three or more interwoven waterfalls for their walls read more »

    Peter Boyle
  • 350.
    Landscape 28 Meniscus

    The molecules of water are held together
    By weak electrical forces
    That extend in all directions.
    At the water surface, the upward forces, read more »

    Stewart McKenzie
  • 351.
    What the Frack?

    high pressure enemas
    millions of gallons
    crude solution fracking-fluid
    25 to 75 percent resurfaces waste-water deluge read more »

    Gregory Allen Uhan
  • 352.
    The Gardener XVIII: When Two Sisters

    When the two sisters go to fetch
    water, they come to this spot and
    they smile.
    They must be aware of somebody read more »

    Rabindranath Tagore
  • 353.
    First Water

    The water had its beginning before time began
    Before even the first born our God would call earthly man. read more »

    chuck Hurley
  • 354.
    Drowning Ophelia

    The water seeps up, up
    (lapping, licking, soothing)
    twisting around the parts of
    your body that you have read more »

    Elizabeth Rebel
  • 355.

    water the world
    before anything
    else came along read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 356.
    Water runs over

    Pure elements formed into a compound
    Running over blocking others sound
    What should be and who is gonna be
    The one that helps us see read more »

    Shalia Robinson
  • 357.
    Water and Me

    swimming is the like the moon and the sun for me
    the water's smooth fingers of bubbles dance on my summer tanned skin
    the slashes of the water ring in my ear
    the smell of chlorine awakens my soul read more »

    Molly Breadcrumb
  • 358.
    Broken Fragments Of Water

    Cool earthenware pot
    holding water as if it were

    love that slopped & lapped read more »

    Dónall Dempsey
  • 359.
    Black Waters

    Cypress trees thrive in the Black Waters of home
    As I paddle along these waters I often roam
    Amazed at her beauty and all her many wonders
    The sounds of a distant egret cry echo’s like thunder read more »

    Poison 9901
  • 360.

    Head in the water,
    Body on ground.
    Too many people,
    People all around. read more »

    Jena Massabni
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