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For The Sake Of My Cup Half-Full* - Poem by Tushar Ray

Soon after realizing my cup was empty
Due to years of mind-body discord
My obvious priority became
To fill my cup in bioenergetics vigor
For my life’s forward journey

For two decades I have been trying
To fill up my empty cup
Using systematic efforts I could avail
But it halted at quarter-full,
Never becoming “full to the brim”
The way about half a century ago
That taught me life’s great lesson -
I must learn to live becoming
A part-full cup
For the rest of my living
Conserving energy all the time
Channeling energy to creative ways
Without any waste

According to modern health experts
My current dis-ease has a mouthful name:
“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”
Without a clue in western medicine
On the causal basis of the CFS
And due to lack of targeted drug for cure
Millions of elderly must suffer
Until scientists find way to deter its progress

The CSF syndrome affects more or less
All organs of our body
Due to predictable hormonal changes
At an older age, when
Body is managed by homeostatic means
Empowered by brain following
Input from our senses and blood circulation
Supporting brain’s efforts
Enabling my cup to be about 20% full

So, apart from differential hormonal control
Other health factors must be considered
Such as unhealthy diets and
Tainted drinking water-
Two epic junks causing toxin-buildups
Where former can be safely met
Using fresh fruits, vegetables and spices
But issue of water-quality is a difficult one
As our body is eighty percent water
Where dirty drinking water can cause havocs
And discussed systematically as follows

The water we normally drink
Have many synthetic pollutants
Relative to the renowned spring-water
Having vital rare-minerals
Supporting our mind-body health
And known environmental contaminants
Have been kept distant over the ages
And been used as oasis to regain health
By the ancients as well as the modern
Hence secured as valued resources
For future generations throughout ages

Lately I tried a drinking water
Being purified by passing electric current
Thru a series of platinum electrodes
By a famous Japanese Scientist-inventor
Calling it “Kangen Water”
And I discovered some amazing changes
From the very beginning -
I found my body to eliminate toxicity
From the next morning
And continuing to cleanse me till today -
I drink a gallon of Kangen, pH 9.5 each day
Instead of taking usual reverse osmosis pH 7
And I experience the following benefits

The taste of new water is refreshing
So, the “Kangen pH 9.5”
Always invites me to go for another drink
That unlike the waters I tasted in past
Tastes better each day
Making my taste-organ slowly healthy
And my hunger is improved accordingly
My tongue color is now pinkish
After a month`s use
Compared to former yellowish white
And my smelling sense slightly improved
So, not only I enjoy foods,
My digestive power is better too
And during the past few days
I found more urinary toxin
As revealed from
The color and smell of my excreta
Also, the color of my nails
Became pinkish
May be due to reduced toxin
Convincing me, I am on the right track
And my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Has been slowly vanishing
I feel more energetic than a month ago
But I don’t expect my cup full to the brim again

Another thing needs mentioning here
This is about my copper bracelet on hand
That I wear for years out of curiosity
To find any correlation existing
In between its dull and shiny hues
In respective oxidized and un-oxidized forms
Matching the redox-system of my body -
This high voltage copper wire
Only cut to fit my upper-hand
Made this voltage-sensitive band of mine

It must be noted that -
Our bodily cells badly need electricity
Continuously made from cell’s ion gradient
For the survival and upkeep of vital functions
And for constantly interacting to and fro
With trillions of bodily cells
So, our mind-body is a walking electromagnet
Relying on efficacy of its redox states

I did notice a distinct correlation
Between the color-change of my bracelet
And redox-states of my body dynamics
I clearly detect the two phases
A lengthy-dull stage and a short-shinny one
Where dull color matches low-energy level
But was unable to figure out the culprit behind
In spite of my sincere efforts
However, switching to Kangen water 9.5
It became apparent, water has been the culprit
It has been a couple of weeks now
My copper band is continually shinning
Keeping me cheerful with my half-full cup
That I am determined to keep up
Following the maxim of Ayurveda medicine
That we must be optimist as well as realistic!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*A true account of my latest health benefits from an amazingly powerful water

Comments about For The Sake Of My Cup Half-Full* by Tushar Ray

  • Gold Star - 50,061 Points Roseann Shawiak (2/27/2015 7:17:00 PM)

    Fantastic poem, Tushar! Mind-opening to say the least! You have described chronic fatigue syndrome so succinctly - it is completely understandable and amazing in detail. It is a subject I hardly knew anything about before, and with your exquisite poem I gave grasped it's essence. You definitely are a poetical scientist Tushar, I enjoy your precise and logical poems very much. Always looking forward to reading more of your poetry. Thank you, RoseAnn (Report) Reply

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    0 person did not like.
  • Gold Star - 34,209 Points Kumarmani Mahakul (2/25/2015 8:07:00 PM)

    Wonderful and thought provoking poem on water topic. Very nicely composed and shared. Informative poem. (Report) Reply

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