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Diana, Princess Of Wales Memorial Fountain - Poem by Angela Wybrow

The Memorial Fountain is really rather fascinating in its design,
As the water doesn’t always follow its course in one straight line.
The Fountain in itself is an extremely interesting feature,
As it moves in all different ways, just like a living creature.

It’s a focal point to which many people make their way;
Where adults can sit and relax and young children can play.
Parents sit on the lush green grass next to the flowing water,
Whilst keeping a watchful eye on their sons and daughters.

On the side of the Fountain, visitors can choose to take a seat,
And sit chatting away together, whilst paddling their tired feet.
The Fountain aims to represent the different aspects of Diana’s life:
The times of joy and happiness, and the times of trouble and strife.

The flowing water runs down an incline, not too steep.
At some points, it’s very shallow and at others, it’s deep.
Around the channel there are various depths and widths:
At some points it rises up, while at other points, it dips.

At some points, the water tumbles and slightly churns,
Whilst at other points, it meanders in twists and turns.
At some points along the way, the water flow is pretty fast,
Whilst over other points, the water is quite slowly passed.

At some points the water runs down surfaces so very smooth,
Whilst at other points, its flow is disturbed by little grooves.
At three points, the course can be crossed by little bridges,
Near to where the water jumps down over little ridges.

At some points, the foaming water cascades over a waterfall,
Whilst at others, the water slows down into a leisurely crawl.
The water is pumped from the top, down in two directions.
At the bottom, the waters meet in a pool of calm reflection.

To spark some kind of emotion, the fountain never fails.
Some simply come to remember Diana, Princess of Wales.
A real air of majesty this special Fountain does possess.
It is a fitting tribute to a much-loved and missed Princess.

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