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Poems About: WEATHER

In this page, poems on / about “weather” are listed.

  • 49.
    Dear one,

    Dear one,

    I am sorry to hear the bad news about your colleague. read more »

    Emmanuel George Cefai
  • 50.
    A Paradox

    I wish the weather-cock would crow
    To let his fellow chickens know
    That weather fair's for maids and men,
    Fowl weather is for cock and hen. read more »

    John Bannister Tabb
  • 51.
    Enemy and Weather

    Scenery has mild changes in weather;
    Afterwards the winner of the sunshine has grace.
    Forward march the troops and never look back,
    For the enemy has routed as well. read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 52.
    Gotta Weather The Storm

    Friend fell into alcoholic maze
    the kind who never ceases to amaze
    leaving me with only words to say
    sometimes man you gotta weather the storm. read more »

    Wayne Falconer
  • 53.
    Severe Weather (Free Verse)

    The weather has gotten very nasty
    And it's causing a lot of heartache.
    It's raining dogs and cats!
    And tornadoes are leaving just destruction on their wake read more »

    Dorian Petersen Potter
  • 54.
    The Weather's Wet!

    The weather's wet, and skies are grey,
    I wish I could just stay in bed,
    But I must go to work today, read more »

    Graeme Williams
  • 55.
    Soda Pop

    I have a soda pop and I want to share it with you
    Maybe take a little walk together
    We could talk about life or the weather
    As long we're together that's all I want to do read more »

    Jeff Nesvig
  • 56.
    Weather The Storm

    Our city's foundation - the bricklayers job
    To safeguard the man and the mob from the mob
    The violent, the furtive, the wasteful, the crass
    Weather the storm, the storm will pass read more »

  • 57.
    I love my love and my love loves me

    I love my love and my love loves me,
    We love each other whatever the case may be!
    I am my love's and my love is mine
    and, thank God, my love's not as pearls before swine! read more »

    Comfort Ndlovu
  • 58.
    A Sign From Nature

    When you hear the blackbird singing in the warmth of a Summer's day
    It is a sign from Nature that rain is on the way
    Since blackbirds are natural Spring songsters in Summer their songs tell of rain
    From listening to Nature's wildborn creatures weather insights we do gain read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 59.
    child's play

    Once I saw an angry weather,
    Sounding loud for all to bother,
    Then I ran to tell my father,
    But he says I have a mother, read more »

    umoh cyril
  • 60.
    El Nino The Thirsty One

    Some weather experts told us el nino is dead
    That we would have his rainy sister la nina instead
    Of him but now the word is more dry and warm weather ahead
    The drought to continue despite what we've heard and read read more »

    Francis Duggan
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