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Undying Love, Unbroken Promise, My Love - Poem by Lin Kah Mun

The weather these days is cold
But the thoughts of you keep me warm
Your words that linger in my mind make me giggle
The weather forecast reporter said it will rain today
So as for precaution
We are advised to bring along a umbrella when outing
The ignorant me do not even bother to take along the umbrella
It did rain as the reporter said
It drifts me back to the memory of you
There are some happy moments we shared
There are also some mistrust and misunderstanding
But still we make out in the end
When we first met through the net
We did click on pretty fast
Then it became a routine for me to wait for you
To wait for the time we can chat
We are so far away that we can only keep in touch through the internet
As time passes the emotion we held for each other
Isn't merely pen pal
We are beyond that relationship
Everyday passes with misses and longing
The longing to see you in person
We are bound
Bound by something stronger than faith and destiny
Typing I love you would not be enough for me
To express my feeling I had for you
I did know you felt the same as I did
We trust each other that we will meet in another 2 or 3 years
But I didn't have the courage to tell you that it
Will take longer than I thought
But I know if I say so
You will be sad and disappoint
It is something that I can't bear to see you in that state
So I keep to myself that this is a promise that
I can never ever break
And now
We did be together as we thought several years ago
The downpour
I'm wandering aimlessly in the city
Without a clue
Without a purpose
I'm soaked in the rain
In this cold weather I can still feel warm
Cause now I'm here with you by your side
And the promise I would never leave you
Would never be break
No matter what happen to this flesh body of mine
I would still protect you from any harm with my soul
My soul that bound to you are stronger than faith and destiny
The rain stops
The sun shine once again
Here I found my soul mate
Which we had waited to be together for years
The longing
The undying love
The unbroken promises we held eternally
I love you

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