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Emmy And Ed Time - Poem by chuck Hurley

I offer these trilogies for a major life event
When a Prebble and Baldwin shared what was only lent
Time is a gift of life to be used fully; whenever sent.

Its not a long, long time between May and December
The days may get shorter but the memories always linger
A ring of gold or silver; placed on each others finger.

Days of youth and summer fun when time moved slow
The time of winters purest, in etchings of wind blown snow
You and Ed as producer and director; of your very own show.

The record is clear and there can be no doubt
Ed said, 'I do and you Emmy; just wanted to shout'
Many years later and both of you are still up and about.

Earthly time mostly good and special occasions sweet
Life's continuity is to go forward and never retreat
The circle of family inside of each wedding ring complete.

Count not the years but remember the silent times
When babies were warm and cuddly with faces divine
Image and likeness, a gift of acknowledgement; and also a sign.

You have both seen good health and other things
Your grandchildrens voices and the joy they all did bring
Remember the wonder; that came out of just two wedding rings.

Children in your image and likeness and your husband too
Blessed are these events and for each grandchild loaned to you
The years may be many; but the events always too few.

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