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  • 121.
    Lord tells you on your wedding day.....

    I will make the sun shine bright on your wedding day
    and I will make your night as a beautiful and peaceful one
    I will make the heaven to throw his blessings to you
    and I will show you how much I love you my son

    Today is your wedding day and its the most beautiful day for you
    A man and a woman promise each other in front of me to live together forever
    and an oath of life between both of you can not be broken till the end
    Trust each other and make your journey to the greatest love

    Have a faith on me then I will protect you in many ways
    and I will make your life worth to live the way you want to do so
    Show your availability by coming to this church for prayers
    and I will show you my ability through my precepts my son

    Always, have a kind word for those who needs help
    Always, give your heart for those who loves me
    Always, make others to understand my strength and power
    Always, have a hearty appetite to follow my steps my son

    Today is your wedding day and its the most happiest day for you
    Let the rest of your life be the best of life with my blessings
    Walk with me my son I will clear all those rough path ways
    and I will make you to reach a life without falling into any sins

    Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka

    Copyright @2006 Ravi Sathasivam read more »

  • 122.

    I wrote this blessing to read at my Granddaughter Rachel's Wedding. I read it just as we sat down for the Wedding Breakfast.

    We stand before God to bless David and Rachel on their Wedding Day
    May God - by whose will creation had its being read more »

  • 123.
    I Always Cry At Weddings, Never Funerals Though

    The wedding ring,
    Is a remarkable.
    Weddings come and divorces go,
    But the price of gold never goes low. read more »

  • 124.
    The Cherry Trees

    in that shinjuku lane
    an old sakura tree
    stands in my mind
    grandma with her read more »

  • 125.
    Happy Wedding Anniversary, My Dearest Brother

    May love of God that joined you together
    In Holy Matrimony keep
    You healthy, wealthy, pious and wise! read more »

  • 126.
    A May Wedding

    A May Wedding
    As a bride who has the long veil around her head
    The dogwood has white petals and they hide branches on the tree.
    When it is time for her to kiss the groom read more »

  • 127.
    I Always Will

    one night i fell asleep
    in your arms as usual
    when i drifted in into my dream world
    what i came upon read more »

  • 128.
    White Funeral

    sitting alone with nowhere to go
    ignoring the static from the radio
    that interrupts my favorite song
    haven’t loved it in so long read more »

  • 129.
    For The Moon Has Made You Her Sun

    The moon has circled your sins
    Made a white wedding band for you
    You must to the sound of her violins
    Be wed before the morning dew - read more »

  • 130.
    Prologue 11

    ephemeral splendor
    of another dawn
    that would never return
    the mere idea read more »

  • 131.
    Wedding Ring

    read more »

  • 132.
    The Wedding Day

    Love has such a great way of growing,
    Often by leaps and hounds the lovers say
    loving hearts has a way of knowing,
    With joy she heads to her wedding day.. read more »

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