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Poems About: WEDDING

In this page, poems on / about “wedding” are listed.

  • 241.
    A Girl Named Fred

    Once upon a time not many years ago
    a girl named Fred fell in love with a boy named Fran.
    Although the names seemed an odd combination
    and could easily be confused by people who did not know read more »

    David Harris
  • 242.
    Nora's Vow

    Hear what Highland Nora said, -
    'The Earlie's son I will not wed,
    Should all the race of nature die, read more »

    Sir Walter Scott
  • 243.
    Th' Lesser Evil

    Young Harry wor a single chap,
    An wod have lots o' tin,
    An monny a lass had set her cap,
    This temptin prize to win. read more »

    John Hartley
  • 244.
    A wedding Invitation

    Imagine if you woke up in the morning,
    just from a dream about your wedding day,
    and you found me,
    like a gentleman kneeling on your front yard, read more »

    Olunga Otieno
  • 245.
    Long Overdue (Chant Royal)

    The Sweet “I-love-yous” do go far
    To make precious the weary day.
    I know of nothing that can par
    With meanings that these words convey. read more »

    Leslie Alexis
  • 246.
    Why Did I Have To Die

    they promised they'd be there
    for their friends wedding day
    they promised they'd be there
    for their friends wedding day read more »

    Marco Jimenez
  • 247.
    Mindy and Casey’s Wedding

    t was such a wonderful wedding
    Two people so crazy in love
    It was Mindy and Casey’s wedding
    It was everything they ever dreamed of read more »

    Marilyn Lott
  • 248.
    On Thin Ice

    Spring summons the earth to a wedding
    (But who will wed me?).
    I hurry, on thin ice treading, read more »

    Salomeja Neris
  • 249.
    Flowers From A Wedding

    After the wedding, her parents
    took bouquets to a nursing home
    where patients clapped their hands,
    remembering weddings and music and love. read more »

    Raynette Eitel
  • 250.
    Love Does Conquer All [2]

    In a yellow chest in the attic
    I found my grandmother’s wedding dress,
    an old wedding photograph
    and a bundle of love letters addressed to her read more »

    Daleen Enslinstrydom
  • 251.
    He Will Do As He Wishes

    Soon to be wed, Prince William is refusing
    to wear a wedding band,
    no marriage ring will adorn his hand. read more »

    Elke Nigro
  • 252.
    Bloody banana leaf, confirmation!

    They had brought her here, would sing and dance
    Her peers would add wood to fire
    A night so divine, a wedding of time
    A wedding mark in space bound for read more »

    Charles Jagongo Ogola
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