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Poems About: WEDDING

In this page, poems on / about “wedding” are listed.

  • 349.
    So Bobby Wasn't Drafted

    In 1964 the already unpopular Vietnam War was not yet drafting married men. I had just had a friend who had been killed there and decided I didn't want another.....

    So Bobby Wasn't Drafted read more »

    margaret carlisle
  • 350.
    the wrong woman for the man who feels he is the right man

    it happens all the time
    when the right man feels
    that he has wed the wrong woman
    when the wrong woman too read more »

  • 351.
    Son of Desire

    The moon's soft glow through frosted clouds,
    Felt tarnished and worn like our love.
    Twisted by our desire, shamed by society,
    Meeting where the beds are well tended, read more »

    Teresa Dearing
  • 352.
    Dear little Darling

    I don't have any kids but someday when i do i would like to say this one for them on there wedding day.

    Dear little darling,
    My sweet little child read more »

    Maddy Jen
  • 353.
    A Love That's Past

    My mind wonders back
    to a love I used to know,
    a heart that was glad,
    but now I'm so low. read more »

    Suella Holt
  • 354.
    1998 Chart House

    Family Reunion Prayer For the joy of our celebration,
    we thank you Lord.
    For sunsets, sunrises, and songs,
    we thank you Lord. read more »

    Kathleen Dwyer Duyck
  • 355.
    The Song That Triggers My Memory

    As she lay dying with the radio playing softly in the background,
    The notes of a song so sweet tickled and triggered her memory,
    Number one in the charts the week she was born,
    Playing at her eighteenth birthday party as she floated and swayed in a glorious dance, read more »

    Laura Cummings
  • 356.

    Oldest grandad up above,
    You were the one i truly loved,
    Loved you did for ninety five years,
    When you left there were many a tear. read more »

    sarah gledhill
  • 357.
    Gibbous over Wood

    The moon is not yet grown -
    It is at the doorstep of maturity.
    But still its light comes down
    Through the broadleaf wood. read more »

    Sophia White
  • 358.
    Current Currency

    Dollars, euros, yen:
    they’re all just pretty pieces of rags,
    cotton, linen, and silk,
    a bit of Crane paper, so we’re told. read more »

    Sonny Rainshine
  • 359.
    ghost by your side

    remember when
    i told you that wed forever hold eachothers secrets
    till the end of time.....
    and wed be buryed in the depth of the night read more »

    jesica reeder
  • 360.
    A Tickling Teddy Bear that Squeezes the Bajeebies Outta Me

    The wildest wiley and wealthiest womanly wife whispered down corridors leading straight to her widower's brother's wife whom
    was not wary of western worships with a small trace of whoopi
    or even of warthog's total lack of senseless wisdom...
    Now ye, relaxes at all hours of the dismal day ending of daddy's read more »

    Michael Gale
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