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Flames Of Love - Poem by Samuel Thor

Perfect serenity. The great hills rhythmetically rise and fall with the lush forest valleys, standing completely still in the small breeze. Sitting by himself on the top of the mountain he can see the magnificent sunset transform the lake into a glimmering pool of gold. The deep azure sky is painted with vibrant colors that spin and dance around each other. The world is still. The soft wind kisses his skin, blessing him with gentle heat. The sparks of a new love are blown into an ember just as the great sun falls dormant behind the steady hills. The tiny fire is soft and comforting but burns brightly, lighting up the dark world. It feels like a warm blanket in his hands and it envelops him completely in its splendour. Passion. The wind kindles the fire until it’s so wonderful that the night seems to hide from it. Its effulgent glow casts away shadows, bathing him in a tender light. The wind grows steadily harsher, feeding the loving fire…the flame begins to falter in the hard blows of the wind. Love. He can’t let it go; the night is too dark and without its warmth he would fail. The wind grows stronger still. In desperation he hides the flames deep within his chest. Immediately his body begins to burn with a completely new feeling. Something never before felt, that feels better than anything ever felt before. Beauty. Peace. Every fibre of his being is illuminated with the embers’ kind heat and compassionate light. Perfect serenity. He can’t feel the chill bite of the wind or see the darkness of the night. The very threads of his soul are set alight with warmth and comfort; inside he feels pure rapture. The sun has left; all is night. The fire keeps him going in the dark world.

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