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No Time To Chase The Wind - Poem by Collin Hagan

My life had started, as i feel my life will end
with twists, and turns, curves, and a bend
I used to race the wind, and fight the storms
an endless game, between me, and shaded forms
i would try and try, but always fail
i was determined to win, i was just behind, i had it by the tail
i was to beat the wind i swore it so
at any costs i would win, i had a lifetime to go
But i was only a child, and i neglected to see
that as i grew older, the wind eluded me
there's no time for chasing the wind, to much work you see
the wind had won again, how could this be
i spent all my life, running, and running, so far away
never would i stop, there was no time to stay
theres no time for chasing the wind anymore
my joints are old and sore
my days are numbered, i bow down to thee
i give in to you, i have lost all strength, i'm stiff as a tree
my limbs have grown tired, my lungs out of air
i'v run for so long, i haven't a care
there's no time for racing the wind, thats it, no more
a silence befell the field, the wind and ceased, he dropped to the floor.
have you grown tired as well, is it time to rest
has this game gone on long enough, have i passed the test
i'm so tired now, so very tired now, all i want is to lay here...
lay here only a moment, he lay on the ground, silent and calm,
his chest rises and drops, it rises, then stops... his breath is long gone he draws his last breath, and his spirit carried on.
The wind swept away his soul and he traveled within the breeze.
at last he could see, what he had fought for so long
so peaceful, so light, serene as a romantic song
There is no time to chase the wind, you've carried on
theres no time to chase wind, for the wind is far gone

In memory of my great grandfather
William Powers

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