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Poems About: WINTER

In this page, poems on / about “winter” are listed.

  • 13.
    A Winter Pond

    Sting-chill of winter matt –
    Her frozen hand caressed us all;

    And calming bleach of silence read more »

    Mark R Slaughter
  • 14.
    Don't die this winter

    Don't die this unfriendly winter and interrupt it
    Unfriendly people should speak and go

    It's a cold winter seasons are cousins read more »

    Jacques Sprenkie Mateya
  • 15.
    Winter's Summer

    Winter without you is like
    a summer in a winter, when memories
    of your love murmur in my winter. read more »

    venkatesh nagaraj
  • 16.
    Winter time is for me.

    Winter time is full of light,
    Winter time is big and bright,
    Winter time is full of fun,
    Winter time has lots of sun, read more »

    Mahfooz Ali
  • 17.
    Winter's love

    Winter, has the charm of life,
    Winter, is like my wife.
    Winter is my love,
    Winter is my dream of always ''wow'' read more »

    leah dsouza
  • 18.

    this winter am not home
    winter at home meant
    a sweet chat
    hot wih grandmas love read more »

    abdul nassar palliyal
  • 19.
    The Wolf in the Winter Wind

    There stood the wolf in the winter wind
    Under the pale moonlight
    There stood the wolf in the winter wind
    An awesome, fearful sight read more »

    Tim Vallie
  • 20.

    Winter has come with his cold breeze
    Oh how I missed the long nights and cold air read more »

    Ayrtonn Bautista
  • 21.

    Winter is snowy and cold season. read more »

    Lawanna Holt
  • 22.
    Winter Chills

    Winter hills of white with silverish gleam,
    Of winter season and colors that reflect,
    The shades of blues and purples,
    From the suns reflection on natures winter, read more »

    Ellen Ni Bheachain
  • 23.
    Victim Of love

    With the chilly winter winds blowing,
    I have become the victim of love again.
    Now I know that no two winters are the same,
    and the tides of time I can’t tame. read more »

    Sonam Tobgay
  • 24.
    Winter nights...

    The winter nights
    have the color of your eyes
    in the starry sky
    the winter nights read more »

    Konstantinos B. Sventzouris
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