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  • 229.
    It is winter

    It is winter

    It is winter
    It is winter both outside and inside
    It is winter, dancing floor is sky
    Dance clouds in grey, in silver and dark-dark
    They’re dancing rock & Roll; also waltz and Cha-Cha
    Sun is gone; moon is lost and trees crystal-ice-snow, bundled up

    It is winter
    It is winter both outside and inside
    Sea-levels dancing floor
    Dance the waves in colors white, grey, dark
    They’re dancing with shaman; dance of death

    It is winter
    It is winter all around (in, at, out)
    Sea surface is floor to the floats
    Cruisers, oil tankers, wreck-small

    Passengers in style dancing in bikini
    Love making, wine-serving and champagne,

    Oil tanker deep in sea with crew in blind
    Siren is scarecrow for dolphins and the whale

    Drowning-drowning wooden dhow,
    Small boat is capsized; some voices in the air

    They are calling; seeking help; child has lost hand of mom,
    She’s shouting; mom and child dip and out, their hair shape part of waves

    Lampedusa is witness to some saved
    (Photo of naked man facing wall, police search,)
    Bulgarian Attaka: “It’s our land …”

    Is there heart or a God in heavens?
    I plea and plea and plea
    “Let me die, let me go and get lost.”
    Can’t observe; co-exist with this shame. read more »

  • 230.
    The quail's song in winter.

    In the early morning of a winter day
    When the air was so cool and ice falls
    There I heard a beautiful quail's song
    Welcome winter, you are welcome read more »

  • 231.
    winter's whitest spurts

    Although John Clare declared that he
    saw spring in winter’s whitest spurts,
    for many this is hard to see
    when, freezing, all our body hurts, read more »

  • 232.
    Winter Tradition

    So much of the thoughts of winter,
    The sameness of them all -
    Always the snow shovel on the porch,
    The galoshes in the hall. read more »

  • 233.
    Springs And Falls - A Song Lyric

    Winters blood will drip into the melting snow,
    When again the colors of nature will show;
    Tomorrow with fragrance of thousand shades,
    That for a summer - without any fades. read more »

  • 234.
    Bouquets of Flowers Colors Flow

    Times are going here and there
    With lots of summer everywhere
    I felt bad in the winter's high
    With not much to live for or die read more »

  • 235.
    Late October In Ireland

    The leaves from the trees are beginning to fall
    And the caterpillar seeks a crack in the wall
    The month of October is slipping away
    And Winter comes closer with each passing day. read more »

  • 236.
    Icy Homestead

    While driving through the icy land
    I came across an old homestead
    Stark empty was its insides
    Didn’t have a single table or bed read more »

  • 237.
    Silver Frosty Leaves (from Minutes of Falling Days)

    Sweet love of dreams and morning's blossoms white
    That from twilight comes in to its bloom
    With some spear of gleams from bluish starry night
    Conquer of the winter in gray and gloom read more »

  • 238.
    Love Song of Winter’s Night

    Love song of winter’s night
    With many thoughts to give
    Stars falling above bright
    Promising wishes to live read more »

  • 239.

    Wake up america
    To the first day of winter!
    For some of you
    The winter will give the thrills! read more »

  • 240.
    Warmth in Winter

    Church bells chime in a darker clime
    When winter sets her chill upon me,
    Storms that blow with ice and snow
    Make birds migrate to a fairer state read more »

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