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With Love Winter I Encounter - Poem by Mailrangam Visvanathan Venkataraman

Winter is a cool season
Teaching in coolness a lesson
To each and every person
Get profits those who listen

In the night when it snows
The reason God alone knows
Coldness affects the nose
Entry to Air nose will close

Especially during Winter
Chill breeze will happily enter
For everything Sun is the center
To Sun, God alone is the mentor

Will come in Winter light-festival
All await eagerly its arrival
It will bring in mood superb revival
That festival helps in peace-survival

Winter night will be so chill
Feeling it will give a strange thrill
Too much of it will make body ill
Doing in moderation needs skill

Darkness will come quickly
Morning feelings will be sickly
Sun will be late, but will come luckily
Fog and snow will spread thickly

Stars and Moon will brightly shine
To prove the presence of Divine
Chill weather is sometimes fine
Rest of the time, it is a fine

Winter will congest the chest
Severe cold will be the guest
Doctors may take a test
But that cold, only God can arrest

Taking a cup of hot milk
Will bring energy in bulk
Night Sky will shine like silk
So there is no need to sulk

In case body is exposed
Punishment will be imposed
Nature can never be opposed
'God is Nature' is by all supposed

Winter is by God alone brought
Cool lessons are by Winter taught
Even the Sun decides not to be hot
Though a change will be by all sought

Festivals will come one by one
To rejuvenate the mood of everyone
They will give all Heavenly fun
Peace of mind will be won

Holy Christmas will come as a boon
Happy New Year will also arrive soon
Bliss will dazzle like the full Moon
Will be chill even the afternoon

Gradually Winter will depart
Giving maximum pleasure to heart
Valuable education it will impart
Winter is Nature's unique art

After rainy season Winter is born
Quoting pleasant spring, do not scorn
Seasons are Divine Angels I kindly warn
Love them during eve, night and morn

Winter, Spring, Autumn, and Summer
Must make your mood calmer
Rainy season has its own glamor
To complain against, never even murmur

God is the one and only true owner
Pray to Him in a peaceful manner
They are born out of God's magic spanner
God surely cannot be a bad planner

To Winter body must adjust
Winter's chill, skin must digest
No use if all beings protest
All must participate in seasons' contest

No season is superior to Mother
Her touch will be softer than feather
She can make all hardship wither
So tackle seasons with mom's love brother

In case your mother is no more
Mental peace prayer will restore
If benign acts you continue to store
A place in Heaven you can score

O- Winter- Run not like a sprinter
You are made by God- the carpenter
Beings fear only death- the hunter
Until end's arrival, let life be a banter.

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