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I Am Sorry - Poem by Jonathan Pendley

Danielle I am sorry I messed up
I am sorry that I wasn’t what you wanted
I am sorry that we ended
I am sorry that I did most things wrong

I am sorry I didn’t think of you
I am sorry that I didn’t help you like I should
I am sorry that I am not your man

Danielle I love you so
I just wish it would show
I wish you would forgive me
I wish you would give me another try
I wish that we could be together forever
Cause baby I want you for eternity

Danielle I am sorry that I didn’t live up to your expectations
I am sorry that I have taken my anger out on you
I am sorry that I keep getting jealous
But, baby anyone would be lucky to be with you

Danielle you are the sun in my sky
Every breath I take
You are the stars in my sky
You are the reason for living, crying, laughing and dying
You are an angel sent to earth
You are the reason my heart keeps beatin

I beat myself up every day,
For everything I have done wrong
I just wish you would see, that my love for you is strong
It hurts to know the love will never be returned

I wait for the day that will never come,
The day when we can try again
The day that I can show you we can work
The day I can show you we belong together
The day I can show you I am a different man
The day I can show you how I can take care of you

I messed up in so many ways
I should have taken care of you in every way
I should have been that shoulder to cry on
I should have been that person you could talk to
I should have been the guy you could count on

I wish I had paid more attention
I wish I had listened
I wish you would see
How much you mean to me

I wish you could see how much I hurt
No words can describe the pain
That I feel everyday
The pain of crying myself to sleep
The pain of thinking of you every minute of every day
The pain of just wanting you

Every time I see your smile
I brighten my day by a mile
Every time we hug
I am the happiest man alive

When I see your shining face
I know how lucky I am to know you
I know how honored I am to know you

I thank god everyday for meeting you
I just wish things where the same
I wish you would love me
I wish that you could forgive me
I wish you could let go of yesterday and give me the chance

Danielle, I don’t know much
But I know I love you
I know I care about you
Please remember this
And your beautiful.

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