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  • 145.
    African Woman

    African woman i kiss and Caress
    African Woman is my empress

    ohhh African woman is the soul mender
    Her love is so true and tender
    to her my heart a surrender
    Her love so sincere and pure
    With her by your side you feel secure
    ohhh African woman is the one i trust
    with her eyes glitter am in lust
    when yuh feeling sad
    and when yuh feeling gloom
    She ill be there for you like the sun and the moon
    when yuh feeling down
    and when things go wrong
    she ill be there for you to keep you strong
    lighting your way like da sun ray
    lighting your way like da sun ray
    with her beautiful smile she drifts you away,
    see African Women looking so fine
    since the begining of time
    since the days of Nefertari the queen
    a beauty she has been
    dready hair and brown Skin

    African Woman mi Kiss and Caress
    African Woman is my Empress

    Shes a unique grace
    from an African race
    a shining star
    a shining light through the night
    Confidence Sparkling through her eyes so bright
    ohhh mi sing with all my might
    African woman i kiss and Caress
    African Woman is my empress read more »

  • 146.

    I am me,
    a mother, a woman, a person of idea's.
    I am the daughter of her and him.
    A lover of art's of music and books. read more »

  • 147.

    Woman needs mans presence near
    To see the warmth and understanding
    In such loving beautiful eyes read more »

  • 148.
    His Dog Is A Man's Best Friend

    There is an old time saying that his dog is a man's best friend
    That too should apply to women for why should we pretend
    That a woman does not love her dog as much as any man
    Women have loved their canines since human and canine friendships first began. read more »

  • 149.
    Five Kinds Of Woman

    Woman before puberty,
    Woman after menopause,
    Woman being ascetic,
    Woman sticking to glamour read more »

  • 150.
    Women rediscover.

    Men younger would find women older
    Intellectually stimulating,
    Mysterious and fascinating. read more »

  • 151.
    i am a woman

    I am a woman,
    a woman who protects,
    a woman who fails
    and wake up to dust herself, read more »

  • 152.
    women of color

    women of color are superficial
    women of color are women of wonder
    women of color are those who contains the artificial heart
    women of color are our mothers read more »

  • 153.
    It is woman who heard flute

    It is a woman who heard flute of love
    But you are saying woman is fire
    Fire in woman
    Fire in rainbow read more »

  • 154.
    Don't Be Envious

    You know everything.

    You know read more »

  • 155.


    No days have passed I didn’t find
    A woman I desired. read more »

  • 156.
    Men Must Respect

    Men must respect other men
    Women must respect other women
    Men and women must respect our children
    And protect them so all can go to heaven. read more »

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