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Even Though, ' I Am Only A Man - Poem by Is It Poetry

Which you are, Pretty and Smart;
eighth wonder of you, this woman of women
wherein my secret, she lives full therein.

The world made you to establish her,
and must now take her notice with great pride.

Greatest of greatest your savants,
established for they by whom you,
would adapt to this mother,
of woman the woman they now know she is.

Hard working her model of great womanhood.

Softness of heart by those few and but for many;
when she tries to say, staying often is more to them.

You are greater, take them off their and make vast
and wide all the more, much deeper a pond, no a lake runs
from that river of such simple need, deep are the wells
of desire my need, by you they have understanding in it.

In charge from the beginning and
you are what makes them all blind,
Woman of woman he can not but help see.

Why 'I' bear witness too your long lives,
because you can and thus it is within reach to touch
the others in blossom beings sweet.

Woman of creed, creed of woman you feed.

I say, It' from the depth of your full red Lips.
Arms I will use; too balance against your seductive
broad hips, against which I must learn their touch.

l am at that stage of each and every stage,
whereupon now it is they must walk and as they
reach out to grasp and with compassion I know
Delirious each curve my deep strong why, they ask.
from it, Each Falling down, how they cry, more for it.

You are that woman of every woman whom ever she wishes to be.
You enter the room the latter and leave it the latter, it seams.

Orange blooms are sweet to each man and as such is to each.
You do I see, so I squeeze them, hard pressed you only state why it is
Because the men say that you are, Eighth wonder a Woman..

Even though... i am only a man.

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