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Wild Woman Is The Kathakali Dancer - Poem by lovita j r morang

the man is the wild woman
and the wild woman is
the katha.kali dancer.

Chutty-Painted her face in pacha-
She become the green faced Kathakali dancer…

She comes out to face the world
She is now the heroic male in Rama Ravana.
In the beats of
chenda, idakka,
And she danced through
these silences of the brutalities.
Her angst burst out
She is in the form of another male now
through that dark and light clouds
she dance through
the Lightning in the crimson sky
in the light of Kalivilakku
her face brighten
her face brunt in saffron-
She becomes the saffron faced Kathakali dancer
In her female strength she becomes male…
She becomes the Shiva
the agni in her burns
her face in red
colour of vermillion flows out..
She becomes the red faced Kathakali dancer
And the devil in her worked too
In the war for peace
in the spirit of demonic Durga
Drunk in the blood of impurities
The colour of vermillion petrify
She becomes Shiva gulping down the vish
Danced still amidst devils
Dance in taalam of the drums
Till another sun appears
Tearing through these darkness
In Kari, Black faced-God of Death
A hamsasya
A godly everythings evolve out of her
She runs towards the green room
Reddened in menstruating blood
She sighs
Again run
in the beats of mridangum
run in male form and dance
with that strength to gulp down pain
She is burnt like sita
in the agni of another war
The yellow fire becomes her Saree
Sheltering her from human gluttony
She becomes the yellow faced Kathakali dancer in woman
still dance on the fire
The dancing man is the dancing wild woman
And the wild woman is the Kathakali dancer
Till the motherness in her embrace
the maness and womaness
She becomes all and everything
the hero
the villain
A complete female
A beautiful woman is born
And gives birth to a pious earth
A motherly man protects the earth…
Surrounded by Human saints

The dancing man is the dancing wild woman
And the wild woman is the Kathakali dancer

And in the process of putrefaction…
And in the process of petrifaction…
Destruction, Devils and Death through these darkness
Melts into this ocean of one another..
she becomes the universe of love and only love…
And the dancing man was the dancing wild woman
And the wild woman the Kathakali dancer

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