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Like A Woman - Poem by gershon hepner

Like a girl my baby aches
and like a woman she
tells all the world she never breaks,
but can’t break free of me.

Like a girl my baby takes
whatever she can see,
but like a woman never makes
her own way to be free.

Like a girl my baby wakes
when it is time to pee,
but like a woman fills like lakes
when we are I and she.

Like a girl my baby quakes
when we two disagree,
but like a woman she awakes
when she and I are we.

Inspired by Bob Dylan’s “Just Like a Woman”

Nobody feels any pain
Tonight as I stand inside the rain
Ev'rybody knows
That Baby's got new clothes
But lately I see her ribbons and her bows
Have fallen from her curls.
She takes just like a woman, yes, she does
She makes love just like a woman, yes, she does
And she aches just like a woman
But she breaks just like a little girl.

Queen Mary, she's my friend
Yes, I believe I'll go see her again
Nobody has to guess That Baby can't be blessed
Till she sees finally that she's like all the rest
With her fog, her amphetamine and her pearls.
She takes just like a woman, yes, she does
She makes love just like a woman, yes, she does
And she aches just like a woman
But she breaks just like a little girl.

It was raining from the first
And I was dying there of thirst
So I came in here
And your long-time curse hurts
But what's worse
Is this pain in here
I can't stay in here
Ain't it clear that

I just can't fit
Yes, I believe it's time for us to quit
When we meet again
Introduced as friends
Please don't let on that you knew me when
I was hungry and it was your world.
Ah, you fake just like a woman, yes, you do
You make love just like a woman, yes, you do
Then you ache just like a woman
But you break just like a little girl.

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