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Thelostmoney - Poem by Charles Hice


She did everything but comb the pages with her brush she fanned each of them Twenty books of pages for her Ten Dollar Bill she was making the lieberrian wait. She was staring at the woman all agape her mouth open in astonied slapdash smile half formed not there yet stopped in mid grin. A picture of WHAT in human clay form. The woman was flipping her first book off when she picked up the second one layed the first one the lieberrian made the mistaken assumption it was okay to begin 'NO', she said the Woman almost SCREAMED it out 'dont touch them books untill eye find the money.' The waiting lieberrian froze her face again in grin askew aside the lines formed in waiting haste beside the woman so intent on tasking pages after pages of her Twenty books to look for Ten Dollars one clean new multi colored Ten Dollar Bill. She smiled down at the lieberrian never missing a page turning and tried to explain it this is what she said, 'AI had the money for my daughter she is meeting me in this library today, and AI forgot what book AI put the money in AI am so sorry but this really wont take too long', as she closed the second book the grin turned nasty a second look and angry. SHe said to the woman, ' AI can not spend this time with you all day AI have to help the others in the way.' But when she turned to task the next in line the WOMAN 'SCREAMed' NO you must help me first AI was here first in line.' And that is when she reached her hand inside her panty line and touched the money in her pocket there like women do she hooked her thumb in the elastic there and found the Ten Dollar Bill where she had folded it in a pocket meant for looks. It was never in the book but only once and then she had removed it for safekeeping. In the pocket of her sleek black pants. The Lieberrian was overjoyed and they both did a little dance sure that books could now be checked again this time returned and stamped. The woman grabbed her cell phone used up her precious minutes to tell her child she had the money safe again. The lieberrian was SCREAMING at the woman 'NOW you have to give that money to the Library AI have a fine totalled up of $9.99 here is your penny you may give this to your daughter but she will not have such a good time on only one penny what a smarter day you will be having now. And she did she did she did She the new lieberrian got up and did a little dance behind the counter.

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