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Poems About: WOMAN

In this page, poems on / about “woman” are listed.

  • 85.
    Trouser Enthusiast

    Feminism is my middle name,
    For I fight for the right for female empowerment,
    I don't like women being treated like second class citizens,
    I want all women to have equal opportunities, read more »

    Paula Glynn
  • 86.
    One Reason Why I Do Love Women

    Of Arrogant males I have grown tired I meet one or two every day
    One reason why I do love women is that they are different to men in every way
    We would have less wars if women were leaders and a far better World to live in
    With females in positions of power pragmatism would have a big win read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 87.
    Love walking

    She who strives for the rest befor her
    is she who is called a Woman.

    Poetring her through words would demean her level of greatness. read more »

    Sechaba Tsametse Tshepang Mokone
  • 88.
    Man & woman (1) 12 / 18

    1) A woman is the outer skin of a man.
    2) A woman is the wood and the man is the hunter.
    3) A woman is a man's shadow so how can she lead him?
    4) A woman is a man's inhale read more »

    jabberm alessawy
  • 89.
    Man & woman (2) 12 / 26 / ooo

    1) A woman marries the strong man, but never loves him.
    A man loves the strong woman but never marries her
    2) A woman loves by her heart, but a man love thru his eyes.
    3) A woman in love loses her mind, but a man in love loses his sight. read more »

    jabberm alessawy
  • 90.
    Heaven's Behind My Woman's Door

    Woman come and set your man free
    Woman come and set your man free
    Take me by the hand
    And lead me to your promised land read more »

    Colin Coplin
  • 91.
    Godly Woman

    A woman who walks in God's love.
    Reflecting the beauty of the father above.
    Who is not defeated by things most men find taugh.
    A woman whose not just a pretty face read more »

    andile andy
  • 92.
    Lesbian Woman V 2

    Rewrite/parody of the classic Pretty Woman

    Lesbian woman stalkin' down my street
    Lesbian woman, get away read more »

    Ramona Thompson
  • 93.
    A Man and Woman

    The Difference between a Man and a Woman;

    When Man needs your silver hugs and caressing kisses,
    Woman needs your mind as well. read more »

    Life Poem
  • 94.
    Women's Intuition

    My women's Intuition gives me this sneaking suspicion

    that the truth is really different from this story you're presenting read more »

    Ericka Johnson
  • 95.
    The Woman In My Dreams

    I remember when I would dream
    Dream of a woman who could sing
    Dream of a woman with such grace
    Dream of a woman with a face only god could create read more »

    Joshua Shumate
  • 96.
    ♥ ♥ .MoTher And DAuGHter.♥ ♥

    a mother ANd a DauGhTEr LoVe Can be So fUn,

    a MoTher ShOulD Love HEr DaughTEr At aLL time, read more »

    jade MOnteScLArOS
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