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Poems About: WOMEN

In this page, poems on / about “women” are listed.

  • 289.
    I'm Just A Woman

    Oh sir, I’m just a woman
    How could I understand
    For you are set above me
    So tall and proud and grand read more »

    Valerie Dohren
  • 290.
    Men Must Respect

    Men must respect other men
    Women must respect other women
    Men and women must respect our children
    And protect them so all can go to heaven. read more »

    Hebert Logerie
  • 291.
    hear me roar

    I am a women hear me roar
    I don't fret nor make excuses
    for my past
    I wear my struggles under the bags of my eyes read more »

    Gebrela Ganao
  • 292.
    Empowerment of women

    How can we arm the one who is already armed?
    How can women empower themselves,
    while already in power?
    Her flesh is the ground and her love, the goal. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 293.
    Such is a Woman’s worth

    What is a Woman Worth?

    What is woman worth in stature
    If not a priceless entity of passion and beauty? read more »

    Martino Fortuin
  • 294.
    The Woman Within.............

    When I look back at what I once was,
    I see a fearless young woman
    With much to live for,
    A young graceful woman, people adored. read more »

    Kristin Nicole RothDavis
  • 295.
    I am a woman

    I'm a woman who never cackle but tackles,
    With no pride but who's tight,
    Who wishes to bring the changes not chances
    who's longing to fight life not buy faces read more »

    Leeme Sek'huk'huni
  • 296.
    Here I Am...

    Here I am.
    I am woman I have always played to be.
    I am powerful in the words I speak.
    In the way I walk. read more »

    Ms. Anika Martinez
  • 297.
    I Don't Need a Woman

    I don’t need a woman
    She’ll only bring me down
    I don’t need a woman
    Love is thrown around read more »

    Robbie Squires
  • 298.
    Man & woman (3) 12 / 26 / ooo in bed

    1) In bed a man's fail bring a woman's sorrow, but a woman's fail bring man's
    2) In bed the hard part ends soft, but the soft parts end hard
    3) A pole and a drench/ in bed the pole is bare and dry, but the drench is full read more »

    jabberm alessawy
  • 299.

    Hijab is a pretty cover For pretty souls, It's a girl's or a woman's Freedom to have it on her head, It's pretty and not against Anyone or anything, read more »

  • 300.

    There are a lot of pretty women Worldwide, but I am not greedy Because there is only one woman Dwells happily in my heart and in My mind anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, That woman is the woman whom my heart read more »

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