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Zz Lustbusters - Poem by Saiom Shriver


Bhagavad Gita: Lust is born of the contact of senses with
their objects.

Tanya Siri: Lust is God's way of binding together former
enemies to work out karma.

Sai Baba: Love is the rose. Lust is the thorn.

Ann Wigmore: Passing a pendulum over a pregnant woman
it will often move in circles if the child is a girl
and in straight lines if it is a boy.

S Grafio: I was sitting across the table from a
beautiful young blonde woman. Suddenly I saw her in
a past life, dying as a nonagenarian man. It was a lustbuster.

Jerrtha Love, Dick Gregory's astrologer: Analysis of natal
charts of prisoners confined for sex crimes often shows
unfavorable aspects of mars and neptune.

Nat Altman: The Theosophical Society in Wheaton Illinois
was so full of love one felt his libido melting away.

Unknown: Men desire women. Women desire men's desire.

SNS: One plants seeds only if he desires the fruit.

Swami Prabhupada: (paraphrased) Krishna was conceived in the womb
of Devaki as mysteriously and purely as the rising moon in the east captures the rays of the setting sun in the West.

Maharaji: See all women as the Divine Mother

MB said to writer in a dream when he was asked how he felt about the pain of an ending relationship said 'I fell out of the warp and woof of time.'

Sai Baba showed 1 devotee in a vision that He was
pouring the luminescent sands of attraction from 1 vessel to a 2nd
to a 3rd.. indicating that it is the energy which attracts us more than the form.

Baba Hari Das: Love is more powerful than lover for Love
is not bound by form.

SNS: It is often the projection of what we love in ourselves
which attracts us in another.. who mirrors a particular
facet we love.

SNS: Hormones given to animals and remaining in their
flesh and dairy products excite unnaturally sexual thoughts.

SNS: Few people are more angry than celibates not emotionally ready
for abstinence, whose abstinence is not based on onepointed love of God.

Sai Baba: Why does the dead ball moon shining with stolen
light have more power on earth than the many times
larger self luminescent stars? Proximity (paraphrased)

Bhagavad Gita: People will act according to their own natures.
What good does repression accomplish?

SNS: When churches segregate women and men.. on 2 opposite
sides.. it is often to keep these spherical and linear
alignments focused rather than diluted.

SNS: Masters need no completion outside themselves. Their
feminine and masculine, yin and yang, male and female, ida
and pingala, mars and venus, are perfectly balanced.
They desire neither male nor female experiences.

Sai Baba: In women the sattvic and tamasic gunas predominate.
In men the rajasic guna predominates. (The sattvic guna is
the highest of the 3 gunas. The rajasic is the aggressive or
passionate guna and the tamasic guna is inactive out of lethargy.)

Kent: I believe that in general men separate love from lust more
than women do.. so that when they do love it is stronger, more pure.

S Grafio: I once witnessed a dog on fire come out of a burning building
and immediately attempt to hump another dog. It was then I saw the
connection between pain and sex.

Reincarnation theory: We alternate between male and female
lives as we spiral upwards and to the inner realms
in ever greater perfection. We are what we desire.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba: Proximity leads to attraction. Attraction
leads to thought. Thought leans to action.

S Grafio: Lesbians sometimes have conjunctions or squares of the moon to neptune.

30 year old Law student: I had a very happy life as a Victorian woman.
It was a while before I could adjust in this life
to being in a male body, but I am beginning to prefer it.

Disciple to Sai Baba: Should I become a sannyasi (celibate monk) ?
Baba: If you had wanted to you would have done so by now

Swami Prabhupad: The sun god proposed to the little girl mouse,
but she wanted only a little boy mouse.

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