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Women's Love - Poem by Ankur Mazumder

Don't trust women's love,
Don't trust,
Since you've trusted, do not feel disappointed at heart
don't feel,
She would have showed love and said 'Hey darling'
Later once she change to another guy she would have said 'Oh brother'
All males are non-violent
All females are like terrorists,
They wrote that females are like whole earth
is the name kept because like earthquake she destroys?
They said that all females are like god
is the name kept because she is like a stone as like a deity?
They praised that females are like rivers
is the name given because all males drown inside those rivers?
Do not trust, Do not trust a women
Do not trust, Do not trust a women
Because of a women, a male has become like a mad person,
Is there any women who has gone mad because of a male?
Because of a women, a male has walked away wearing kaavi** dress,
Is there any women who has walked wearning kaavi dress due to a male?
A person built TajMahal for a female,
Is there any woman who has even installed a small brick for a male?
Do not trust, Do not trust a women
Do not trust, Do not trust a women
All women always are number one spot in studies,
When did they leave our boys to study?
All women had won lot of gold in competitions,
In turn they made beard grow in the faces of males
Women became Ms. World or Ms. Universe,
But males loved women and got grey hair.
Do not trust, Do not trust a women
Do not trust, Do not trust a women
Don't trust women's love,
Don't trust.
The below is a different song completely:
Let's all celebrate Let's all celebrate
Praising the name of Allah, thinking about righteous people,
Sleeping like a stone, no one ever learnt anything
Sleeping like a stone, no one ever learnt anything
After our legs and hands are worn out, no use in feeling later
Whatever has come let's keep in credit, whichever we spend let's keep in debit
Like today let's always get together here

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