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What Was Taught Fought With That Wrought To Sought - Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Democratic leaders work to keep voters rites fired up over a fiery election right
and forgive them, instead of seeking revenge, knowing not to fight
policy overly simplistic at times less inspiring works sung
in teaching respect for authority while children are still young.

God will be there to comfort you and work within the soul of your beloved child.
Men of this world do not desire righteous woman or those meek and mild.
This world seeks and does work to destroy that purity,
because of our mental, moral putrid disunity.

God taught us how to rear taken children, how to take care of bereft,
and how to have courage to fight the good fight of faith then left.
Ability to fight illness by eating teaching and community hospitals ere
help support our continuing work by being wrought with sought that ought here.

Private, liberal arts institution affiliated with the church
and dedicated to preparing students for taking the lurch
to solve problems with recognition, emphasize how God works in vision,
constantly seeking a consistently faithful position.

What history taught about what the world chose to ignore transfer
allowance of army of Christian zealots to do the refer work defer
and a teacher explained at length positive philosophy of teaching feasible,
given difficulties of fighting troops, it seems reasonable.

Furious fighting forces fly in those aircraft protocal
that nobody can even with cartoons teaching portion control.
Schools ease into age seeking wisdom to ultimately wash dishes,
thus finding common ground in working with what was thought your land and wishes.

Think about a professional designer speeding in creative race;
consider police still seeking clues in unresolved mystery case;
schools were requiring creationism to be taught alongside
battle in the courts sought by Christian conservatives along defense divide.

But the work done on this dismal earth exhausts.
The breaks taken from bankrupted reality wroughts.
Fighting for a contemplative life is akin to waving stick in the air,
but will not deter in the all-important work of creating diverse welcome pray.

Short term in campus will seek confirmation from the courts to doubt
in the neighborhoods said that as many as all out
constantly seek to maximize time students have to work hard to fall in lap
increasing impact in the fight against the achievement gap.

Specialist's work restores smiles of knowledgeable knowledge lovers,
so making keeping taught slopes in shaped dives that make living teaching others.
Hoarse trainer's passion for full faith must be taught as the apostles deliberate
fighting against work to expedite the day when some pope will have sought to consecrate.

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