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Poems About: WORLD

In this page, poems on / about “world” are listed.

  • 325.
    How Leave This Earth

    The darkness swollen all over world the bird's noise stop the world gone to elder
    Stopping trees movement some time heard dropping water somewhere like murmur
    Before sun set in the world mild darkness spreading all land over
    Suddenly mass light come too world suddenly off all though which of god power read more »

    inguruwatta pushpadewa
  • 326.
    World Behind a Door

    The door creeps open to expose
    A world that is unknown to most.
    Maybe a child's dream or an adult's
    wish finally coming reality, Whatever read more »

    Tracey W. Owens
  • 327.
    Sonnet: Man, Be Thyself for Good

    Oh, let the world remain bad, I’ll be good;
    Oh, let the world corrupt be, I’ll be straight;
    Oh, let the world wear immoral a hood;
    Protect me Lord, from the monetary bait. read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 328.

    O' my elderly world, am I getting too bold?
    The ones who go first were the elderly ones
    Leaving spawns of unfertile aftermaths
    Leaving my elderly world high and dry read more »

    Chosen Reject
  • 329.
    I met the girl with the world inside her head

    I met the girl with the world inside her head
    She said “ it will be safe there”
    And I just knew that I could trust her read more »

    Lindsay Crosby
  • 330.

    There exist this perfect world
    a world full of our amazing dreams that will unfold
    a world beyond others imagination
    That is kept alive by our exhilaration read more »

    Stanley Oguh
  • 331.
    Me Against The World

    Its me against the world yupp its me against the world.Surrounded my the hatred, fakers and the pretenders. Surrounded by the people i call family and some i that i classify as friends but read more »

    Esther Rowe
  • 332.
    Your World

    How can you lose your world, as the world is you yourself?
    Why you lose your dreams
    If they are so beautiful?
    Why the tears fall down from your eyes read more »

    Ria Rose
  • 333.
    I AM UMA

    I am unique,
    No one in this world,
    Has my face!
    I am unique, read more »

    Uma Ram
  • 334.

    Imagine a world without toy dinosaurs,
    or camping on bedroom floors.
    Imagine a world without the magic - of why,
    or a cape on your back that makes you fly. read more »

    Bob Densmore
  • 335.
    my world your world

    Why should I love someone who's horrible to me?
    Why should I love someone who will never love me?
    Why should I care about someone I can't count on?
    Why should I love when I can hate? read more »

    Mathew Stewart
  • 336.
    The Whisper 2

             I heard a whisper, carried on the wind
    A faint but growing whisper, a hope for better things

    Gentle ripples on the sea, grow to waves that burst upon the shore
    One voice shared by many, will one day come knocking on your door read more »

    Colin Coplin
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