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Salsaabil 50 Poem @sakisabre - Poem by SAKISABRE Saki

1.Reality of the life on Earth: -
The only aim of life should be Allah's riza (satisfaction)
Riza of the Creator comes by ibadat n good deeds
Elements that make obstacle on the Earth are: Earthly affairs, human, Satan n Nafs (whim)
People are willing to get comfort from woman, issues, wealth, and jewelry, prestigious
Vehicles or huge harvests which are nothing but goods to use
But the Creator wants to give vast goods than these:
'Those who fear The Creator, The creator has kept such Gardens for them that there are streams under the Gardens and they would live there forever with sacred wives and would get His satisfaction'
Goods of the world if becomes your only aim then, these really bad but if you use these for getting Allah then would be counted as ibadat
'If you throw the seeds of good amol (activity) in the world, you could harvest good crops in the Akhirat'
If you use the worldly affairs as per Allah's order you would get countless Niyamat (gift) and never ending happiness
'If one dissatisfy the world for Allah's riza (satisfaction) , Allah would make the world as his slave, but if one dissatisfies the Creator for the world, Allah sets the world to torture him '
Using the world's matter as weapon to get Allah, You get huge in the life here-after
The best one is Allah's Riza (satisfaction)
How one can avoid the greeds of the Worldly matters:
'The Worldly Life is nothing but a Deceiving thing' Its real Form is hidden by its Pomp, show n sweetness
If you become the victim of its outer appearance, then you would destroy your life hereafter n you become a wretched
Why one need to avoid the greed n desires of world
Insaan (human) has no alternative except ibadat
And the pure ibadat can't be done except avoiding all greed
A Great Scholar says, if you want to Catch Allah then leave the world
Two things Allah and the world can't be achieved together
Abu-der-da (Radi-Allahu-anhu) told us that he tried both Allah and Tejarat
But at last he left tejarat to get Allah
Hazrat Umar (Radi-Allahu-anhu) told:
If Dunia and Akhirat could brought together, I could do
Allah gave me Strength to do the Dunia
The second cause is avoiding greeds give you Good Amol much
Those who are doing the world without any greed
They are Allah's oli
Whose Amols are good?
The Holy prophet (pbuh) answered, those people who hvae good sense and Keep away forbidden [Harams] and do haste in Ibadat
Avoiding the world's greed is called the Johd
The things which he doesn't have avoiding of those things
The things which he owns avoiding the greed of those The Greed and the desires of the world should not come near human heart
(It is too hard- Without Allah's help one can't expect it) ....
Allah says I would give house of Akhira to those who never expect to be high and don't make chaos in the land
The technique of avoiding the greed of the world is remembering its sorrows and demerits
One Bujurgun-e-din told I have avoided the world's greed for they are short profiting and full of hardship
A wise man avoid it for its demerits but an unwise man becomes the victim of its outer appearance and deceived
To avoid the greed of Haram things are Farj
To avoid the greed of some Halal are Mostahab
So the question of Johd is applicable for Haram and Halal
In the world's life it is enough income for us so that we can perform our ibadat
Allah says one who fears me I make way of his being rescued from the dangers and manage his rizik (foods) in such a way that he never thought of
In a nut shell we need this world but our aim should be the Akhirat
Taking the world as a wasila we should try to gain the property of Ahkirat
That the scholars of religion made their way by doing the dunia as marrying, eating, drinking, associating but not forgetting the Akhira avoiding the luxuries of the world
Our Rasul of heart (saw) And the Sahabas (rta) all did the dunia keeping away greed from heart as some eel fishes swim in the mud but mud cannot smear the body
Muolana Rumi told when water enters into the boat it sinks but when it is under the boat it moves
If the greed of the dunia enters your kwalb/heart you will be spoiled but if it remains outside you are safe and in easy life
The World Is Jannat for a Kafir but jail for an Imander
Hell is covered with Shah-wat (evil intentions)
Heaven is covered with Labor and Sorrow
The world is more hateful than an ear cut dead body of a Goat Kid
My Fear is not for poverty but for Greed and biasness of Wealth which may eliminate you
You have nothing with you except what you eat, What you wear (and make old) , What you Give gift for getting property of Akhirat
Three things go with the dead they are: His issues, His wealth and His Amols he did
But two get back and one remain in the grave that valuable thing is his Amols
Allah says: Ya boni adam! Take rest from work for ibadat then I would make your heart free from the pressure and fill up your wants. If you don't rest for ibadat I would involve your hands with various works and your needs will never be fulfilled
One who loves the earth he loses the Akhirat
One who loves Akirat he loses the world
So take the permanent instead of the temporary one Allah loves him who loves the
Akhirat and people love him who doesn't greed for the world
The world life is like a rider who takes shelter under the shade of a tree for a few moments then goes away
Allah wanted to make gold the stony places of Mokkah
I disagreed
I preferred to eat One Day and remain hungry the other day
When I would remain Hungry I would get chance to weep to you to zikir
When I would satisfy my stomach I would keep Praising One who begins the morning with safety and good health and has one Day meal
He has the World with Him
A few handful of food is enough for a human which straighten his back
If you need to fill up your stomach then One third with food, one third with water and the last third keep for breathing
Unless 5 points are asked The Adom's issues would not be allowed to move their feet
How you passed your life, how you passed the youth, how you earned the livelihood, where you spent the earnings, the knowledge you acquired how much you practiced in life
Wine is the root of all evils
Woman is the rope of the devil and loving the world is the root of all demerits
When you see a person aimless to the world and talk less, go to him as he could give you wisdom
When you pray, do in such a way that it is the last prayer
When you see the Naformans (those who disobey Alla's law) are given wealth n property much more inspite of disobedience, remember Allah doesn't like them
Better Allah is making way to catch them....

(help taken from SIRAJUS SAALIKIN by M A KHALEK Rta)

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