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Aphorisms From Wisdom Collection: The Book Of Wisdom 301 - 450 - Poem by Sorin Cerin

301. Would it be better if we knew the Absolute Truth?
302. Further away from you can only be the nearest to you: God.
303. Love is interposed between profane and sacred.
304. Delusion gives birth to the world of hopes.
305. The great peace is not in dead but in the awareness of peace.
306. No matter how many stations you will meet none will find yourself as the dead station will.
307. Who can listen to the words of the stars without watching his own life sky?
308. The greatest boundlessness ends regardless in dreaming and in dying.
309. I stare at the rock of the Illusion of Life and wonder why it is a sphinx of death?
310. I believed in boundlessness not because I was not satisfied with the dream of this life but I because I knew that the Absolute Truth lies only there.
311. Life is where great hopes are great defeats.
312. We know the dream that we live in this world with its boundary stones jaded by emptiness: life and death.
313. There is no equality in hierarchy.
314. Like any other dream, the dream of life has its own nightmares; that is why you should ventilate the room of your soul before understanding the morning of a new day.
315. Listen for yourself in order to be able to hear God.
316. What trace does not eventually wipe the memory tear from the face of its time?
317. Suffering is the conductor of the moments from the opera of our lives.
318. If history were not lost in all sorts of repetitions, it could eventually have a successful show.
319. I closed the shutters of time to understand the truth of Divine Light from your soul.
320. At the end of the road there will always be that something that will tell you if it was worth to come all the way to get there.
321. Sincerity in dreamland is the key to nightmares because teaches a truth that there can never be in a dreams’ reality. That is why our life is honest with us and the understanding that we have about the world.
322. The only truth of this world is love and faith in it.
323. Even if one day we will reach the stars, the dream of life will find new pages that will show us the way to death.
324. Everything is a passage through emptiness and pain into the world of ephemeral shadows.
325. What would flying do without wings and death without life?
326. Wherever you go you will meet your own death that tries to understand you.
327. What could be more hidden in this world than the truth?
328. How many words in vain will pour into the swamp of emptiness until we will become aware of the gold of God's Word within us?
329. Do not tell your heart why it still beats because it will not understand you.
330. The tear of love will never belong to the dust within us.
331. What could be dirtier in this world than to name the profane love that can be sold?
332. The dirt from the face of the world can never be washed even with an ocean of tears.
333. No matter how many baskets will be filled at the self-service of life, we can only take ourselves to the realm of death.
334. It there a more real game than the one between life and death?
335. Death is the being’s supreme tribute.
336. The measure of all things is Illusion of Life.
337. Like no one can not fill the cup of his own life with death, thus will no one will fully understand the truth about himself.
338. Without knowing why, we each look for the lighthouse lost by death in the fog of our own lives.
339. Destiny is the river of the Absolute Truth that flows through our own palms’ lines crushed by the moments of emptiness.
340. Why should we be an island of life in the eternal ocean of death?
341. Nothing could be more uplifting than the flight with the clearness of incomprehensible destiny of your own death.
342. Has anyone sat at the table of Time to know how it weighs every moment that we waste without remorse?
343. Chaos is perfection, thus arranged by God.
344. Peace of the moments means time.
345. All words eventually lead to death.
346. What would this world be without the dream of knowledge? Where we would find ourselves if not in reality of what we and the world should be?
347. Is life meant to be a rehearsal of a play staged by death?
348. What could be more divine than to feel the breath of the Word in your thoughts?
349. There is no higher peak to be conquered than your own life.
350. Honesty is a forgetting weapon for your own self.
351. Nobody can say where death is going.
352. The steps’ trace of your Destiny will be lost in the snow of moments of this misleading time.
353. It doesn’t matter the length of life but its mission.
354. Time is an overlap of gaps between life and death.
355. The world’s great tragic schism is its separation from the reality of its own self.
356. Do not tell anyone which way you go because the man destined to understand death man was not born yet.
357. Nobody has suffered more than the Illusion of its own Life.
358. Crazy is the one who mourns after life ignoring how much he could be understood by death.
359. From the clouds of dreams there will never leak lightning so great to burn dawn.
360. The difference between dream and deed is the awakening from both.
361. What wind can blow more profound than a heart?
362. Life is a lottery in which we all hope.
363. The deepest hole is the one dug by love.
364. There are no walls thicker than the walls of longing.
365. The sunset differs from sunrise through the celebration of your eyes.
366. Which cross is heavier? The one carried by you on Calvary that links your birth with death or the one carried by the world through the recklessness to exist?
367. The most towering tree is the one who has the luck to remain standing.
368. Silence is the balance of human character.
369. Stupidity is the limit between you as an individual and what society offers you.
370. So much has been said about happiness that we all should let our dreams, hopes and wishies aside in order to live others’ happiness?
371. Any great joy of the Illusion of Life becomes at the same time an insult to the world.
372. There is no place in the sun with worries and no death without life.
373. How much dust can embrace the entire world, which is a grain of dust in the universe?
374. The river flows to the ocean and the ocean goes to the clouds of heaven, which will wash the dust kneaded by life who owes death.
375. What does it mean to be trivial in a world as insignificant to the Universe?
376. It snows with the stellar humming of apocalypse over the God in the soul of every one of us.
377. I saw sick words, without joints, expected or unexpected, bloody or indifferent, even dead words because all are themselves one with the human faces.
378. What would thought be doing without word?
379. Even the words have their own Destiny.
380. There is no greater richness than love.
381. The wisest advice that anyone can give you is to thinking by yourself.
382. You should not say the name of emptiness but just to want to understand this world.
383. What can be smaller than nothing if not Everything?
384. Silence is rooted in fear.
385. As the mill of life is created to grind moments, suffering is made to grind hope.
386. Has anyone ever stopped rain because a grass was rotting?
387. Before believing in teachings and dogmas believe in your own senses.
388. No matter how much water of life will flow down the valley, remember that even the valley is dust.
389. Desire is the beginning of each illusion.
390. The fruits of love and the feelings of nature are our perfection.
391. The one who does not swim through will drown.
392. We all live our entire life within our self to see from where it came into us.
393. The one who knows no death will truly love life.
394. No matter how bitter the heaven of this world would be we still fear to lose it.
395. Who can say why the entire world is an intersection of sloppy roads with a common Destiny in death?
396. Let the world be blinded by her words, you should only gaze at the divine light within you.
397. There is no greater happiness than oblivion in the world of emptiness.
398. The number of praise verses required by the God within you will always be infinite.
399. Nothing is more important in this world than death for which we prepare ourselves our entire lives.
400. The greatest gift God made this vain world is that there is no branch that can be broken in the tree of emptiness.
401. Without death we would be more alone from ourselves.
402. We are an angel’s wing fallen into sin.
403. All is based on value in the world our emptiness, but what is this value?
404. There are no flowers more beautiful than those of the soul.
405. The one who does not look into the past will never understand the future.
406. Without soul there is no fulfillment.
407. Be careful with every moment, it may be more important than the entire time of your existence.
408. The bread of happiness is made from the wheat of suffering.
409. However much you will seek beauty in the form, remember that the one who contemplates it, the soul, has no form but only feelings.
410. The highest mountain is not the one which has the greatest height but the one who cannot be conquered.
411. What good it is to be in the most peaceful area of nature if the nature of your soul is in a perpetual storm?
412. Respect is the desired and accepted modesty without which the backbone of society would break.
413. We all dance the tango of life with the world, until we understand that everything was a mere illusion with a given purpose.
414. God is the only who can understand the incomprehensible rooted in knowledge.
415. Without knowledge you would not know what the meaning of incomprehensible is.
416. Knowledge’s guiding light lies in God.
417. Existence without knowledge would not exist, so that is why knowledge becomes existence.
418. Being unaware of the existence does not mean that it does not exist.
419. If the root of existence does not know knowledge, it means that there is no knowledge at all.
420. The limit between a truth and an untruth is the knowledge, and without knowledge both would disappear. That is why neither can be the Absolute Truth, which is beyond all understanding, being the root of Everything.
421. The most destructive wave is one that leaves the deepest marks on the shores of your soul.
422. Do not trust anything more than yourself because your God dwells only inside you.
423. Happy is he who drinks the water of modesty because nothing in this world can be greater than his own soul.
424. Wisdom does not pair well with pride and opulence because being wise means to have the whole world at your feet without ever feeling the need to be praised by anyone.
425. Many seek the gold of happiness in the precious metal bearing that name, without understanding that self-contentment is the greatest happiness in this world.
426. Experience is a two-edged sword: knowledge and forgetfulness, which instead of cutting you with one of the edges, it will sting you at certain moment when you least expect it.
427. Has the cold ever frozen the heat of the soul?
428. What would we do without the tears of love?
429. Would the world be better if we knew why we know?
430. Listen to your heart and tell me if you ever yelled at yourself without you deserving it?
431. The closer you will find yourself to the tips of social hierarchy, the deeper will the gap between you and truth will become.
432. Only true love’s bank will never collapse.
433. How flowers fight for beauty through color, man fights for beauty through hierarchy.
434. Do not waste your time looking for wings when you can fly wherever you want with your soul.
435. The one that cries after the world of emptiness resembles it.
436. How would this world look like if great loves would not leave deep traces in the soul?
437. Where else to hide from time if not in your heart which transforms your past into the future?
438. The nakedness of dreams is only the substance of thoughts.
439. Do not bury your own soul with pride and infatuation because only these will remain after the dust from within you will return to the dust of world.
440. Do not hide from fear if you want to master it.
441. Love your fear in order to be happy.
442. Would Earth be as beautiful without clouds?
443. No man is insignificant. Each has its own ancestors which are reduced to the same common ancestor.
444. The force of a man should come first from his ancestors.
445. The love of your ancestors is the Divine Light of your soul.
446. How many souls din not experienced great loves, how many have gone through life for you to exist today? Can you still be an insignificant being?
447. The colors of rainbow are brighter for the believer in the light.
448. Even great thinkers had their small thoughts.
449. Democracy is the bread of Hierarchy.
450. Do not confer with life because her only counsel will be emptiness. Ask death whether it is worth living.

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