Poet AOA

Rookie (London)

Poems of Poet AOA

1. A Re-indition of 'Sticks and Stones' 2/22/2013
2. Alone 6/3/2010
3. Love is Life, Life is Love 7/25/2010
4. My Box 5/22/2010
5. Poetry is my life 7/24/2010
6. Secret love 5/22/2010
7. Who am I.. 5/22/2010


I'm all alone,
I don't have a friend not even a foe,
I Just sit here and watch my tears go by,
All i have is me,
No-one really cares,
I Know that now,
My heart is hurting,
I can feel it breaking apart, ,
Everyone says their there for me,

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