Praneetha Perera

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Biography of Praneetha Perera

My home town is Moratuwa in the Western province of Sri Lanka. I went to Princess of Wales of College Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I did a Diploma in Journalism at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, the topic for my project report was Media Freedom in Sri Lanka

I have four sisters and three of them are married and having children. One Son of my eldest sister is married and has a child.

Praneetha Perera's Works:

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Remember Me

Remember me
When I am gone to the oblivion
Remember me
When you cannot hold my hand anymore
Remember me
When you cannot hear my voice anymore
Remember me
When you cannot hear my laughter anymore
Remember me
As a woman who loved you truly
When nobody loves you as I loved you
Until death surrounds your life

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