Prasad Natarajan

(April 2nd 1983 / Bangalore)

Biography of Prasad Natarajan

Prasad Natarajan poet

May I introduced myself.
My name is Prasad Natarajan. I am born on a scorching hot summers day, Saturday 2nd of April 1983 to two humble and gentle soul parents. Their first child, and their only son. With day-to-day running around to make a normal survival, I am a private person spending most of my time writing something or painting. Poetry gives me another outlet to express my feelings.

Prasad Natarajan's Works:

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Rainforest Queen

Rainforest Queen

While the world is still oblivious to the breaking light,

She casts her misty veil across the mighty Shola trees,

Moon beam is fleeting, while Venus is blinking bright,

She glides whispering sweet fragrance through the breeze,

[Hata Bildir]