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QalmeTari Misterres of Death Nat. Norville

Poems of QalmeTari Misterres of Death Nat. Norville

1. Desert Spirit 3/5/2008
2. Do Not Fear 4/15/2008
3. Do You Not See… 3/5/2008
4. Do You See What I See? 4/15/2008
5. Faith Comes, Hope Comes, Love Comes, Sin Comes 3/5/2008
6. From The Past To The Future 3/5/2008
7. Hope Is 4/24/2008
8. I Am Alone (Part One) 5/19/2008
9. I Am Alone (Part Two) 5/19/2008
10. I Am The... 4/16/2008
11. I Have Come From The Sea To Seek… 3/5/2008
12. I Have Come… 3/5/2008
13. I Have Nothing… 3/19/2008
14. Lean On Jesus 4/10/2008
15. Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn! By KALIDASA 5/8/2008
16. My Anger Controls Me 5/15/2008
17. My Name Is Qalme-Tari 3/3/2008
18. Nature Destroys Nature 3/5/2008
19. On The Day Of The Dead... 4/24/2008
20. Seek Counsel 4/15/2008

Desert Spirit

I roamed in the desert
The sand is before me
I continue on my path,
Then a castle rises in front of me.

I see a prince in the garden
His hair is gold like the sun
His eyes the color of the sky
His cloak the color of midnight

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