Quotations About / On: DREAM

  • 21.
    'tomorrow is the land of dreams, in dreams we may walk in paradise, sow seeds of purity peace into our lives'
    (Terence George Craddock February 2016 on the 26.2.2016)
  • 22.
    'Make Your wish Your Dream and Your Dream Your Goal; Your goal should be your passion to turn your wish into a reality.'
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  • 23.
    U tell, in ur nightmare I am a dream but in my dream you are lost in a blink...
    (Randhir kaur virdi)
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  • 24.
    There are many dreams in life! So, don't give up on your dreams.
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  • 25.
    people are perhaps phobia afraid of failing, because dreams possess possibilities of winning, without chance dreams is flat line nothing
    (Terence George Craddock April 18 2015)
  • 26.
    'Do not let your dream(s) makes you proactively irresponsible for your responsibility can drive your dreams to reality'
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  • 27.
    'Lots of guys dream about beautiful women. I dream about a place where beautiful women live.'
    (Ronald J Chapman 2015)
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  • 28.
    Dreams bring hopes and hopes life and the day you stop dreaming you will be a dead man living
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  • 29.
    'We are working hard to fulfill others dream and we FORGOT that we had a Dream too.' ~~Songsfromsea
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  • 30.
    Never let the environment you come from change your dreams...instead let your dreams change your environment~Motholo
    (Never let the challenges you faced in the past influence your future decisions)
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