Quotations About / On: DYING

  • 11.
    Men are never really willing to die except for the sake of freedom: therefore they do not believe in dying completely.
    (Albert Camus (1913-1960), French-Algerian philosopher, author. "Historic Murder," pt. 5, The Rebel (1951, trans. 1953).)
  • 12.
    To die is poignantly bitter, but the idea of having to die without having lived is unbearable.
    (Erich Fromm (1900-1980), U.S. psychologist. Man for Himself, ch. 4 (1947).)
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  • 13.
    To die is but to leave off dying and do the thing once for all.
    (Samuel Butler (1835-1902), British author. Samuel Butler's Notebooks, p. 255 (1951).)
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  • 14.
    Reverence does not die with mortals, nor does it perish whether they live or die.
    (Sophocles (497-406/5 B.C.), Greek tragedian. Philoctetes, l. 1443.)
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  • 15.
    'Memories are the most constant visitor that never dies.'
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  • 16.
    Better to die for a cause than to live for none
    (A Cause)
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  • 17.
    Nothing on earth lives and dies for no reason.
    (Bill Galvin)
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  • 18.
    The life newer dies.....we are just graduated to past over.
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  • 19.
    'better live fully before you die'
    (for if we are born, we definitely must die. so now that you are alive, what makes you not live to the maximum, a next life?)
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  • 20.
    We all die but not all of us live
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