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    My hobby more and more is likely to be common school education, or universal education.
    (Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822-1893), U.S. president. Diary and Letters of Rutherford Birchard Hayes: Nineteenth President of the United States, vol. III, p. 619, ed. Charles Richard Williams, The Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, 5 vols. (1922-1926), Diary (August 5, 1880).)
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    Every day care center, whether it knows it or not, is a school. The choice is never between custodial care and education. The choice is between unplanned and planned education, between conscious and unconscious education, between bad education and good education.
    (James L. Hymes, Jr. (20th century), U.S. child development specialist, author. Teaching the Child Under Six, ch. 1 (1968).)
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    Education is not option but an obligation
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    In life, Education has no definite location
    (You can learn something no matter how big or small the thing is or from whom or what it beign learn from, that why it is indefine)
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    Education in war leads to death and destruction.
    (The result of hatred and war.)
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    Education in love brings peace to the world.
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    Education is the art of making man ethical.
    (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), German philosopher. The Philosophy of Right, no. 58 (1821, trans. 1942).)
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    Education is not so important as people think.
    (Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973), Irish author; born in Ireland. Bowen's Court, ch. 5 (1942).)
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    Frivolity is inborn, conceit acquired by education.
    (Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.), Roman orator, philosopher, statesman. Pro Flacco, fragment.)
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    Education costs money, but then so does ignorance.
    (Claus, Sir Moser (b. 1922), German-born-British academic, Warden of Wadham College, Oxford. Daily Telegraph (London, August 21, 1990).)
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