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    Television could perform a great service in mass education, but there's no indication its sponsors have anything like this on their minds.
    (Tallulah Bankhead (1903-1968), U.S. actress. Tallulah, ch. 1 (1952). At this point, Bankhead had never appeared on television. Later, she would.)
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    Life isn't all beer and skittles, but beer and skittles, or something better of the same sort, must form a good part of every Englishman's education.
    (Thomas Hughes (1822-1896), British author. Tom Browne's Schooldays, pt. 1, ch. 2 (1857).)
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    The progress of freedom depends more upon the maintenance of peace, the spread of commerce, and the diffusion of education, than upon the labours of cabinets and foreign offices.
    (Richard Cobden (1804-1865), British radical politician. Speech, June 26, 1850, to the House of Commons.)
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    Versatility of education can be found in our best poetry, but the depth of mankind should be found in the philosopher.
    (Friedrich Von Schlegel (1772-1829), German philosopher. Idea 57 in Selected Ideas (1799-1800), translated by Ernst Behler and Roman Struc, Dialogue on Poetry and Literary Aphorisms, Pennsylvania University Press (1968).)
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    Education must, then, be not only a transmission of culture but also a provider of alternative views of the world and a strengthener of the will to explore them.
    (Jerome S. Bruner (20th century), U.S. psychologist and educator. "After John Dewey, What?" Bank Street College of Education Publication (March 1961).)
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    Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.
    (Marian Wright Edelman (20th century), U.S. author. The Measure of Our Success: A Letter to My Child and Yours, I, p. 10 (1992).)
  • 77.
    To behold her is an immediate check to loose behaviour; to love her is a liberal education.
    (Richard Steele (1672-1729), British dramatist, essayist, editor. Tatler (London, Aug. 2, 1709), vol. 1, no. 49, The Tatler, ed. G.A. Aitken (1898). Referring to Lady Elizabeth Hastings.)
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    Sex education is legitimate in that girls cannot be taught soon enough how children don't come into the world.
    (Karl Kraus (1874-1936), Austrian writer. Trans. by Harry Zohn, originally published in Beim Wort genommen (1955). Half-Truths and One-and-a-Half Truths, University of Chicago Press (1990).)
  • 79.
    The most general deficiency in our sort of culture and education is gradually dawning on me: no one learns, no one strives towards, no one teaches—enduring loneliness.
    (Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), German philosopher, classical scholar, critic of culture. Friedrich Nietzsche, Sämtliche Werke: Kritische Studienausgabe, vol. 3, p. 270, eds. Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari, Berlin, de Gruyter (1980). Dawn, "Fifth Book," aphorism 443, "On Education," (1881).)
  • 80.
    Politics should share one purpose with religion: the steady emancipation of the individual through the education of his passions.
    (George F. Will (b. 1941), U.S. political columnist. Statecraft as Soulcraft: What Government Does, ch. 2 (1984).)
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