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  • 'When times are troubling and confusing, you are not alone. Spirit is there to help you search deep within yourself for the answers you need, so that you may continue on your journey - in peace.'
    Healing, Spiritual Path, Direction
  • 'It takes more strength than courage to be accountable for your mistakes. As it takes more courage than strength to realize what you have to be accountable for, to move beyond those experiences and apply the lessons learnt in that situation. Only then will you free yourself from the guilt and pain, allowing others to see you for who you truly are... A Beautiful Spirit learning the lessons of the Human existence.'
    strength, letting go, true to you.
  • 'No matter what life throws at us. We have the strength to dust ourselves off and forge into the unknown with courage.'
    Forging ahead, courage, strength
  • 'There comes a time in all of our lives when me must decide who embraces and supports our journey and who's a stumbling block, constantly putting obstacles in your way. Although it may be painful to let them go... Regaining and taking back your own strength and power back, is something you should be happy and proud about'
    moving forward, letting go, realizations
  • 'Sometimes you so desperately seek the truth, that you'll do whatever it takes to uncover it. Once you've seen it for what it really is, it may be a little painful, but it's easier to let go. You have all the information you need and finally have the right to make a choice.'
    making choices, having correct information, moving forward.
  • 'I searched deep within myself to find the root of my despair, so that I may transform it into something positive and helpful. I searched heart's of the matter's and thoughts of a scattered mind, only I kept coming back to the same problem with no resolution. Finally, taking a step back from the heart of the matter to look into the scattered mind, provided me with the answer that was there all the time - - Let Go, Breathe & Be Gentle with Thyself. Steadfast on the knowledge that all things must come to an end at some point, no matter how painful, so that the Healing Journey can begin and New Life shall emerge from the ashes.'
    Soul Searching, Finding self, Life Problems and Solutions, Clairificatin, Healing, Jounreys
  • 'Everyday, I try to live by example and lead by unconditional love. It's not how we leave others, its how we impacted them, and therefore, impacted ourselves.'
    Living by example, leading by love, Impacting others in a positive way.
  • 'Pain is part of your life lessons. You can choose to let it weaken your strength and defeat you or you can choose to let it build your strength and define you. It's what you do with it that matters most.'
    Defining yourself, Strength, Weakness
  • 'I was feeling lost, abandoned and confused. Then I realized it was only me that was hurting and stuck, that everyone else had moved on in their lives. I took a step back and seen that the only person standing in my way was myself, that the pain held me steadfast and chained to a life I didn't want anymore. That no one was going to fix it for me, that I had to do that for myself.'
    Self Obstacle. Confused, Angry, Grief, Overcoming, Changes
  • 'A Spiritual Journey is not an easy path to follow. It's journey of the Heart and Soul, where secrets and truths are finally exposed. The path becomes clearer, easier and so does embracing the love of Self.'
    Self love, embracing power, Heart & Soul, Journey, Spirituality
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