Quotations From DEXSTA RAY JR.

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  • I really can't say what makes me different from everyone else but it's likely you know. For that which I lack you are. That which you lack I am. That which we lack, God has. My love.
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  • None can attack you without misrepresenting your character lest they expose themselves for unauthenticity in the eyes of society.
  • They brand you a liar or a maniac once they realize that the stuff they did to you that you survive may very well had created one of the greatest life stories of all times.
  • They want to find some reason to kill you before the story gets out so the darkness promoted about you is all the world see. That, in turn, robs someone of that inspiration. Hence, Satan is a thief.
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  • It's like money and time but not enough money and time.
  • The funny thing is... we know God is always there. But looking back in hindsight, there's been times where it didn't seem like it. We feel like God is far off. Everybody got a testimony or some testimonies. Don't allow satan to take those from you. That's one his main objectives. Don't judge anyone because you don't know what anyone been through. (The Darkness Got It's Claws At Me)
  • The revolution is a beautiful thing. When you think of the revolution as an object you'll find it to be one of the purest things ever. One of the truest. It's moving forward at a steady pace which is also as fast as it has to be. Society has been poisoned and the revolution is the antidote. It's already been set in motion and into numerous branches. Poetry is just one branch. Those revolutions are the epitome of real. For every step it takes.. society recedes. (Liquid Revolution Through This Old Syringe Of Poetry)
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  • The truth that's most important is the spiritual truth and never my personal truth. That's the truth I refer to. I pray that all souls receive the Gospel truth. We all find it ourselves. (O, Lord)
  • Here's a poem I wrote about my idea of the concept of perspective in itself. Nonetheless, it is only a perspective as well. (All About Perspective)
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