Quotations About / On: FEAR

  • 11.
    When there is nothing to fear is the time to begin fearing everything.
    (José Bergamín (1895-1983), Spanish writer. El cohete y la estrella (The Rocket and the Star), p. 51, Madrid, Biblioteca de Indice (1923).)
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  • 12.
    It may be you fear more to deliver judgment upon me than I fear judgment.
    (Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), Italian philosopher. Quoted in Life of Giordano Bruno, ch. 11, I. Frith (1887). Said to the inquisitors who had condemned him to death.)
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  • 13.
    I would soon fear him, if he did not still fear me.
    (Jean Racine (1639-1699), French playwright. Agrippina, in Britannicus, act 1, sc. 1 (1669). Agrippina is speaking of her son, Nero.)
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  • 14.
    Have others fear you, and I will have no fear.
    (Pierre Corneille (1606-1684), French playwright. Laodice to her beloved, in Nicomède, act 1, sc. 1 (1651).)
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  • 15.
    Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.
    (John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963), U.S. Democratic politician, president. Jan. 20, 1961. inaugural address, quoted in Kennedy, pt. 3, ch. 9, Theodore C. Sorenson (1965).)
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  • 16.
    They say we only fear fear itself, but what of death and sickness, so easy for humans to die, and yet how we survive it all is a miracle to me.
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  • 17.
    Fear the vulture and the vulture will come. Fear nothing and you are the vulture.
    (Suzy Kassem)
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  • 18.
    I have learned that all fear is of the devil but a good type of fear teaches you where the edge is.
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  • 19.
    One that fears God has all to gain and nothing to lose, hence fearing God is the key to a successful life.
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  • 20.
    What I fear is being in the presence of evil and doing nothing. I fear that more than death.
    (Otilia De Koster, Panamanian civil rights monitor. As quoted in Newsweek magazine, p. 15 (December 19, 1988). On being asked "if she feared for her life or her family.")
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