Quotations About / On: FLY

  • 41.
    I don't know how to fly on my own but his faith on me lifts up every time to the height beyond skies.
    (On Almighty.....)
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  • 42.
    'Fly in the sky, but never occupy sky color; it may be difficult to recognize you from ground'
    (- - Pijush Biswas, Indian Poet, [12 July,1988])
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  • 43.
    'right now they say you are not worthy of them, worry not but work your ass hard and be better so success makes them follow you like flies on honey'
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  • 44.
    A beautiful feeling repressed is like Maya's caged bird, uselessly beating her wings because she cannot fly.
    (The expression of a thing deepens its impression)
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  • 45.
    What difference does it make if a bird`s feet are broken when it has wings to fly high above the heaven.
    (Vlad Mutuleanu)
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  • 46.
    the genuine is born within us with the courage to cut all strings and fly freedom in the horizons of our own skies
    (Terence George Craddock March 28 2015)
  • 47.
    Everyone created by the almighty God, each one are an angel and should open the wings and try to fly over and over..........
    (its my dream to be an angel & fly over & over..........)
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  • 48.
    Sometimes when someone sings, you can catch a glimpse of their soul.. as it flies by...
    (P Masterman)
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  • 49.
    why to join a rat race, while you can fly high like an eagle and blaze a trail... be a trailblazer
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  • 50.
    Do not chase after thes stars! when, you cannot fly.
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