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Quotations About / On: FOOD

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    Don't make jokes about food.
    (David Lean (1908-1991), British screenwriter, Norman Spencer, and Wynyard Browne. Henry Hobson (Charles Laughton), Hobson's Choice (1954).)
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    Food first, then morality.
    (Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956), German dramatist, poet. "What Keeps Mankind Alive?" Act 2, sc. 6, The Threepenny Opera.)
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    There is such a thing as food and such a thing as poison. But the damage done by those who pass off poison as food is far less than that done by those who generation after generation convince people that food is poison.
    (Paul Goodman (1911-1972), U.S. author, poet, critic. "Ireland, Spring 1958," sct. 2, Five Years (1966).)
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    There is no love sincerer than the love of food.
    (George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), Anglo-Irish playwright, critic. Tanner, in Man and Superman, act 1.)
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    If you're going to America, bring your own food.
    (Fran Lebowitz (b. 1951), U.S. journalist. "Fran Lebowitz's Travel Hints," Social Studies (1981).)
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    Virtue, like wholesome food, is better than poisons, however corrected.
    (David Hume (1711-1776), Scottish philosopher. "Of Refinement in the Arts," part II, essay II, p. 279, Essays Moral, Political, and Literary, ed. Eugene F. Miller, revised edition, Indianapolis, Liberty Fund, Inc. (1987).)
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    Not to like ice cream is to show oneself uninterested in food.
    (Joseph Epstein (b. 1937), U.S. writer. The Middle of My Tether, "But I Generalize," W.W. Norton (1983).)
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    On the Continent people have good food; in England people have good table manners.
    (George Mikes (1912-1987), Hungarian-born British humorist. How To Be An Alien, ch. 1, sct. 1 (1946). Commenting in 1977 on his oft-quoted remark above; "Since then, food in England has improved, table manners have deteriorated. In those days food was hardly ever discussed, it was taboo, like sex." (How To Be Decadent).)
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    ...a mind, if given only the best food never craves any other.
    (Rheta Childe Dorr (1866-1948), U.S. journalist. A Woman of Fifty, 2nd. ed., ch. 13 (1924). On why she carefully controlled her son's childhood reading.)
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    It is not an exaggeration to say that play is as basic to your child's total development as good food, cleanliness, and rest.
    (Joanne E. Oppenheim (20th century), U.S. educator, author. Kids and Play, ch. 1 (1984).)
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