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  • 21.
    A romantic does not mean it a girl-lover.
    (The romantic is not a girl lover)
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  • 22.
    Naked and defenseless owning nothing in this world I was born crying like a little girl.
    (Life and birth)
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  • 23.
    A dark-complexioned girl, but with a beautiful face-cutting smiling from her hamlet home.
    (Such a love want I)
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  • 24.
    Never Think I Was A Jerk...E'm A Girl With Attitude No One Would Ever Have...! ! ! !
    (zahra abbas)
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  • 25.
    I'll marry the girl that has always been there for me.
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  • 26.
    The same girl that reject you in society will not reject you in the forest.
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  • 27.
    A virgin girl is harder to find than a virtuous woman.
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  • 28.
    Girls usually have a papier mâché face on their wedding day.
    (Colette [Sidonie Gabrielle Colette] (1873-1954), French author. "Wedding Day," pt. 2, Earthly Paradise, ed. Robert Phelps (1966).)
  • 29.
    Home is the girl's prison and the woman's workhouse.
    (George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), Anglo-Irish playwright, critic. (1903). Man and Superman, "The Revolutionist's Handbook," The Bodley Head Bernard Shaw: Collected Plays with their Prefaces, vol. 2, ed. Dan H. Laurence (1971).)
  • 30.
    In America, every female under fifty calls herself a "girl."
    (H.E. Bates, British screenwriter, and David Lean. Jane Hudson (Katherine Hepburn), Summertime.)
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