Quotations About / On: GOD

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    God does not become big or small whether you write ‘GOD' or you write ‘god'. God does not cease to exist, if you don't believe in God. God is not established, if you believe in him. What God is He who is dependent on your belief?
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    The language of God is silence, Thehouse of God is invisible and the message of God is love.
    (Just feeling godliness.)
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    To fully understand God's Word, you have to know God; for if you don't know God, you will not know the true meaning of His Word.
    (Adam M. Snow)
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    God can do everything without human.But human can't do anything without god.
    (God is Almighty)
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    Man does not have the sense God gave him because man has deserted God.
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    The good God that you worship is not a God of embarrassment but empowerment.
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    Defining infinite and god always lead to illusion, still both infinite and god exists.
    (Mind is incomplete.)
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    Allah isn't God of all mankind or He's God of one sect and not others'?
    (Some pretend that God is only with them.)
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    ... by [the grace of God], we can do the things that pleases God.
    (Another excerpt from the fifth of my series of Facebook posts and Tweets under the hashtag 'GraceAndTruth'.)
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    A true servant of God gets honor from God Himself, not from winning arguments.
    (After seeing another heated argument between two Christians.)
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