Quotations About / On: GOD

  • 11.
    Against boredom even the gods struggle in vain.
    (Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), German philosopher, classical scholar, critic of culture. Friedrich Nietzsche, Sämtliche Werke: Kritische Studienausgabe, vol. 6, p. 226, eds. Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari, Berlin, de Gruyter (1980). The Antichrist, section 48 (prepared for publication 1888, published 1895). An allusion to a line in Schiller's Maid of Orleans (act 3, scene 6): "Against stupidity even the gods struggle in vain.")
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  • 12.
    God's dice always have a lucky roll.
    (Sophocles (497-406/5 B.C.), Greek tragedian. Fragments, l. 763.)
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  • 13.
    Every people have gods to suit their circumstances.
    (Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), U.S. philosopher, author, naturalist. A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers (1849), in The Writings of Henry David Thoreau, vol. 1, p. 66, Houghton Mifflin (1906).)
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  • 14.
    Those whom the gods love grow young.
    (Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Anglo-Irish playwright, author. A Few Maxims for the Instruction of the Over-Educated, Saturday Review (London, Nov. 17, 1894).)
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  • 15.
    Men would be angels, angels would be gods.
    (Alexander Pope (1688-1744), British satirical poet. An Essay On Man, epistle 1, l. 126 (1733).)
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  • 16.
    An honest man's the noblest work of God.
    (Alexander Pope (1688-1744), British poet. An Essay on Man (Fr. Epistle IV). SeCePo. Poetical Works [Alexander Pope]. Herbert Davis, ed. (1978; repr. 1990) Oxford University Press.)
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  • 17.
    The state of monarchy is the supremest thing upon earth: for kings are not only God's Lieutenants upon earth, and sit upon God's throne, but even by God himself they are called gods.
    (James I of England, James VI of Scotland (1566-1625), British King of England and Scotland. Address, March 21, 1609, to Parliament, London. Quoted in England Under the Stuarts, ch. 4, G.M. Trevelyan (1904, rev. 1925).)
  • 18.
    We know all their gods; they ignore ours. What they call our sins are our gods, and what they call their gods, we name otherwise.
    (Natalie Clifford Barney (1876-1972), U.S.-born French author. quoted in "Gods," no. 299, Adam (1962).)
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  • 19.
    There dwell the children of the dark Night, the dread gods Sleep and Death.
    (Hesiod (c. 8th century B.C.), Greek didactic poet. Theogony, 603.)
  • 20.
    A prisoner has no sex. He is God's own private eunuch.
    (Henry Miller (1891-1980), U.S. author. "The Soul of Anaesthesia," The Air-Conditioned Nightmare (1945).)
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