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    Green leaves on a dead tree is our epitaph—green leaves, dear reader, on a dead tree.
    (Cyril Connolly (1903-1974), British critic. "The Journal of Cyril Connolly 1928-1937," published in David Pryce-Jones, Journal and Memoir (1983). Pryce-Jones chose these words for his book's epigraph.)
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    The greenest island of my imagination.
    (George Gordon Noel Byron (1788-1824), British poet. letter, Nov. 17, 1816, to poet Thomas Moore. Byron's Letters and Journals, vol. 5, ed. Leslie A. Marchand (1973-1981).)
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    A ship's not a ship to me 'til she gets her teeth into green water.
    (John Rhodes Sturdy, Canadian screenwriter. Richard Rossen. Evans (Walter Sande), Corvette K-225 (1943).)
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    The "Green-Eyed Monster" causes much woe, but the absence of this ugly serpent argues the presence of a corpse whose name is Eros.
    (Minna Antrim (b. 1861), U.S. epigrammist. Naked Truth and Veiled Allusions, p. 91 (1901).)
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    Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness.
    (Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), Austrian philosopher. Culture and Value, entry for 1934, ed. G.H. von Wright with Heikki Nyman (1980).)
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    Sir, a man who cannot get to heaven in a green coat, will not find his way thither the sooner in a grey one.
    (Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), British author, lexicographer. repr. In Johnsonian Miscellanies, vol. 1, p. 222, ed. George Birkbeck Hill (1891). Quoted in Hester Piozzi, Anecdotes of the Late Samuel Johnson (1786).)
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    Age becomes reality when you hear someone refer to "that attractive young woman standing next to the woman in the green dress," and you find that you're the one in the green dress.
    (Lois Wyse (20th century), U.S. author. Funny, You Don't Look Like a Grandmother, "Age-Old Conversations," (1990).)
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    Vice is its own reward. It is virtue which, if it is to be marketed with consumer appeal, must carry Green Shield stamps.
    (Quentin Crisp (b. 1908), British author. The Naked Civil Servant, ch. 2 (1968).)
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    So that's why you're green around the gills. Spring comes to the bushveldt, the young bucks start butting their heads together.
    (Leigh Brackett (1915-1978), U.S. screenwriter, and Howard Hawks. Sean Mercer (John Wayne), Hatari! Commenting on the romantic rivalry between Kurt Mueller (Hardy Kruger) and Chips Maurey (Gerard Blain) (1962). From a Story by Harry Kur.)
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    I'll tell you one thing. If a little green man pops out at me I'm shooting first and asking questions later.
    (Edward D. Wood, Jr. (1922-1978), U.S. director,screenwriter. Edward D. Wood, Jr.. Jeff Trent (Gregory Walcott), Plan 9 From Outer Space, as they prepare to enter the space ship (1958).)
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