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    The reign of imagagology begins where history ends.
    (Milan Kundera (b. 1929), Czechoslovakian author, critic. Paul, in "Imagagology," pt. 3, Immortality (1991). On the death of ideology.)
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    History is the zoology of the human race.
    (Franz Grillparzer (1791-1872), Austrian author. Notebooks and Diaries (1837).)
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    History is Philosophy teaching by examples.
    (Thucydides (c. 460-400 B.C.), Athenian historian. Quoted by Dionysius of Halicarnassus in Ars Rhetorica, ch. 11, sect. 2.)
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    Happy is the nation without a history.
    (Cesare Beccaria (1735-1794), Italian jurist, philosopher. On Crimes and Punishments, Introduction (1764). Thomas Carlyle attributes a similar utterance to Charles de Montesquieu, in History of Frederick the Great (1858-1865) bk. 16, ch. 1: "Happy the people whose annals are blank in history-books!")
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    History shows that there are no invincible armies.
    (Josef Stalin (1879-1953), Soviet leader. Radio broadcast, July 3, 1941, declaring war on Germany. Three weeks before Hitler invaded Russia.)
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    History develops, art stands still.
    (E.M. (Edward Morgan) Forster (1879-1970), British novelist, essayist. Aspects of the Novel, ch. 9 (1927).)
  • 27.
    The longest suicide note in history.
    (Gerald Kaufman (b. 1930), British Labour politician. Quoted in The Time of My Life, ch. 23, Denis Healey (1989). Referring to the Labour Party's New Hope For Britain manifesto for the 1983 general election, which Labour lost: "the scale of our defeat was devastating," Healey wrote.)
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  • 28.
    World history is a court of judgment.
    (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), German philosopher. "World History," pt. 3, sect. 3, The Philosophy of Right (1821). See a similar statement by Friedrich von Schiller under "history.")
  • 29.
    Language is the archives of history.
    (Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), U.S. essayist, poet, philosopher. "The Poet," Essays, Second Series (1844).)
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  • 30.
    Fellow-citizens, we cannot escape history.
    (Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), U.S. president. annual message to Congress, Dec. 1, 1862. Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, vol. 5, p. 537, Rutgers University Press (1953, 1990).)
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